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1.1 Purpose

1.2 About the New Contracts Chapter

1.3 Using the New Contracts Chapter

1.4 Other Sources of Information

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

This chapter provides information and procedures specific to silviculture contracts. It is complementary to the ministry's Contract Management Manual, which provides generic contracting information that is applicable to all forms of contracts, including silviculture contracts.

1.2 About the New Contracts Chapter

This chapter contains extensive updates and revisions to Chapter 7 (Contracting) of the previous edition of the Silviculture Manual. The most substantial changes are:

  • general information pertinent to all types of contracts is now in the ministry's Contract Management Manual;
  • instructions for the completion of specific silviculture contract schedules are now included with the downloadable document;
  • items that pertain to all silviculture contracts are grouped in the "General" sections at the front of this chapter; and
  • each silviculture activity has a major section containing details and procedures that are unique to that activity.

1.3 Using the New Contracts Chapter

This chapter is designed to assist a user wishing to prepare a contract document for a particular activity. Such users should go directly to the section covering the activity. From there, hyperlinks will take the user to any related information that is located elsewhere.

For the convenience of users viewing the manual "on-line" on the ministry's website, every internal cross-reference to other parts of this manual and every external cross-reference to another on-line ministry manual, form or document is hyperlinked. A hyperlink is designated by underlined purple text as shown by this example of hyperlink format. When the insertion point is placed over a hyperlink it changes to a "hand" shape. Clicking on the hyperlink moves the user to the linked section or document. To return to the point from where the hyperlink jump originated, click on the "back" arrow on the web toolbar.

Hyperlinks, of course, do not function when the manual is printed. For the convenience of hard-copy users, internal hyperlinked cross-references to information elsewhere within this chapter also have a page number reference. Also, an empty appendix titled "Forms" has been provided at the end of each major contract section. Hard-copy users can insert printed copies of forms relevant to the section in these appendices for handy reference.

For users looking to find a particular item of information, the best approach is to scan the chapter table of contents for the heading that directly or indirectly states the desired subject. If not there, try scanning through those sections covering the particular silviculture activity in which the desired information is likely to be related to. If the information is not there, there will most likely be a cross-reference to either a part of the general section of this chapter or to the Contract Management Manual.

On-line users, of course, can use the ministry's website search engine to scan the entire manual for user-specified keywords.

1.4 Other Sources of Information

1.4.1 Contract Management Manual

The Contract Management Manual, maintained by the ministry's Financial Management Branch, contains information and procedures applicable to all contracting ministry-wide.

1.4.2 Technical References

This chapter does not contain technical information about silvicultural activities. For technical information, refer to:

1.4.3 Aviation Safety Manual

The Aviation Safety Manual, maintained by the ministry's Protection Branch, specifies minimum requirements for specialized aircraft and pilots. Silviculture contract schedule A's for aerial fertilization and aerial herbicide application contain requirements for pilot qualifications that are in keeping with this manual. Pilots are required to be approved by a ministry Regional Fire Centre. Equipment specifications are in the schedule, as well.

The Aviation Safety Manual is available only to MOF staff on the ministry intranet at http://wwwinternal.for.gov.bc.ca/protect/library/fireop/manuals/ AviatSafety/contents.html.

1.4.4 Engineering Manual

The Engineering Manual, maintained by the ministry's Resource Tenures and Engineering Branch, contains instructions regarding the use of the Equipment Rental Agreement. See Chapter II Administration of Day Labour Projects. The Equipment Rental Agreement in also discussed briefly in Chapter 3 of the Contract Management Manual.

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