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9.1 Requisition of Signs

9 Field Signage of Plantations

The signage of our plantations is encouraged along well travelled Forest Service administered roads.

A visual record of all silvicultural activities not exclusive to planting is an excellent venue through which the Ministry of Forests' commitment to forest management can be showcased.

Districts and regions are encouraged to develop a signage program for their areas. These signs typically will provide forest management details for the area and be highly visible either to a passing vehicle or to individuals stopped at a turnout or recreational area.

Typical silvicultural signs consist of either a 61 cm by 12 cm (2 ft by 4 ft) or 122 cm by 244 cm (4 ft by 8 ft) plywood sign mounted on 12 cm by 12 cm (4 in by 4 in) posts. Note that restrictions on the placing of silviculture signs along Ministry of Highways and Transportation right-of-ways apply. Prior to erecting these signs, contact the local highways office for approval.

Further details on sign sizes, formats, lettering, and layout can be found in Appendix 5 and in the Sign Manual, 1977, Visual Identity Program, administered by the Technical and Administrative Services Branch.

9.1 Requisition of Signs

The requisition for signs form (FS 1002) can be used to order plantation or silviculture signs from Technical and Administrative Services Branch (see Appendix 1, Forms Management for an example). Local manufacture of signs is also acceptable providing the standards and specifications outlined in the examples in Appendix 5 and the Sign Manual 1977, are followed.

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