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Project Management

4.1 Reference Checking

4.2 Contract and Security Deposit Returns

4 Contract Award

The contract award phase encompasses the steps involved in the opening of sealed tenders or proposals, evaluating the offers and proposals received, and entering into a legal contract to get the seedlings planted by the selected contractor. The procedures for this portion of contract administration are of a standard nature with all types of ministry contracts.

For complete information, operations and standards involved at the contract award stage refer to the chapter on "Contracts," Section 3, "Pre-award Procedures" of the Silviculture Manual and Chapter 4 of the Contract Administration Manual.

4.1 Reference Checking

One of the more critical procedures in the contract award process is that of checking the references regarding the past performance and the current commitments of the planting contractor. In the past, a listing of all the contractors and the districts in which they performed planting work has been available on an annual basis, compiled by the Silviculture Practices Branch. The ISIS system now has the capacity to provide this information on line. To have this information available to all districts on the ISIS system, it is critical that the "Maintain Projects" screens are fully filled in for all planting projects. The contract information generated by this screen forms the basis for compiling contractor planting quality results and could also provide information on the number of contracts awarded a contractor and the start up dates. This information helps district staff to determine if the contractor is fully committed for the start up date of their new contract.

4.2 Contract and Security Deposit Returns

It is suggested that a fixed time period is allowed for return of the signed contract and security deposit. Failure by the contractor to return these documents is a breach of the contract and the Contract Officer may proceed to accept the next lowest bid. Refer to the chapter on "Contracts" in the Silviculture Manual for details.

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