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Project Management

3.1 Tender Package Preparation

3.2 Viewing the Planting Project

3.3 Receipt and Administration of Tenders and Proposals

3 Pre-award

Once the prescription has been verified and the planning phase is complete, the next step is to find a planting contractor to complete the project. During the pre-award phase, the ministry contract manager will be dealing with members of the public, and therefore, all activities must not only be fair and legal, but must be seen to be so. As well, the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act provide for access to most contract documents. Therefore, documentation of all the contract processes must be carefully and completely carried out.

The pre-award phase of contracting includes the development of the contract particulars, establishment of eligibility requirements, completion of the relevant contract forms, project map preparation, if using an RFP, preparing the terms of reference for Request for Proposals, preparing for advertising the contract, conducting a viewing, and dictating when and in what format the tenders will be received.

For more complete information and standards for the operations involved at the pre-award stage, refer to the chapter on Contracts, Section 3, Pre-award Procedures and the Contract Administration Manual, Chapter 3.

3.1 Tender Package Preparation

The general contents of the tender package are outlined in the chapter on "Contracts" of the Silviculture Manual. Specifically the tender package for planting should contain: the first page of the Planting Site Prescription (FS 739), contract particulars (FS 778 - Particulars of Tree Planting Contract), copies of all schedules: FS 700, Schedule A (FS 767), Schedule B (FS 777), Schedule C (FS 787), Schedule D (Camp Standards), Maps of the units at 1:10,000 scale plus a key map at 1:250,000 or other suitable size, Tender Form (FS 790 - Tender Form - Tree Planting), Tender envelope.

For copies of the schedules and forms along with instructions on completion, refer to Appendix 1, Forms Management in this and the "Contracts" chapter.

Note: If the Planting Site Prescription (FS 739) is used, it should have clearly stamped on any ministry summaries or expressions of site conditions `Estimates Only.'

3.2 Viewing the Planting Project

There are options when setting the requirements for viewing the planting project. The most common method is to require a mandatory viewing of the contract work area. The silviculture staff then conduct an office session on the particulars of the contract and the schedules and then conduct a guided on-site viewing of the individual units. This method ensures that the potential bidders have had an opportunity to realize all the requirements of the works including any access or other concerns that would affect the bid price. For more information on conducting the viewing see the chapter on Contracts, Section 3, Pre-award Procedures, of the Silviculture Manual.

3.3 Receipt and Administration of Tenders and Proposals

For information on the receipt and handling, storage, and amendment of tenders/ proposals refer to the chapter on "Contracts," Section 3, "Pre-award Procedures" of the Silviculture Manual and Chapter 3 of the ministry Contract Administration Manual.

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