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Project Planning/
Prescription Development

1 Introduction

Once the commencement date for a silviculture prescription (SP) is initiated, a legal commitment is in place to establish a free growing stand of trees on the site. Though a legal commitment has been made, the final planting prescription remains to be developed in accordance with the silviculture treatment regime required by the Silviculture Practices Regulation.

The requirements of the various guidebooks associated with the Forest Practices Code must be understood before finalizing a planting prescription. Guidebooks that address topic areas such as biodiversity, species selection, stocking levels, forest health, and wildlife should be fully understood.

The wise use of available information such as local ecological classification guides, species selection guides, and stock type selection and ordering guidelines is essential (e.g., Provincial Seedling Stock Type Selection and Ordering Guidelines and Seedling Stock Type Selection in British Columbia). Planting prescription forms are included in Appendix 1, Forms Management (ensure the most recent forms are used).

The objective of the planting program is to establish a new high quality forest that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Forests Act , Section 4, the Silviculture Practices Regulations, B.C. Reg 42/94, and the relevant sections of the Forest Practices Code.

Planting is one of the tools available for reforesting disturbed sites. As a reforestation option, it may be used alone or in combination with natural regeneration to achieve the species and stocking levels prescribed for the site.

The objectives of this chapter are to provide the reader with some of the important background information needed to make a decision to plant a site, to complete a planting prescription, to select the species, stock type and stocking levels, to plan a planting program or project, to carry out a successful project, and to record and monitor the plantation results. Additional detail and information on the technical aspects of planting and planting contract administration may be obtained from the selected references listed in each section.

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