Silviculture Manual
The B.C. Ministry of Forests Silviculture Manual contains information and current procedures for conducting a full range of silviculture practices in British Columbia. Much of the information presented in the manual is complementary to that contained in the Forest Practices Code and related publications.

The Silviculture Manual has been placed online for ease of access and updating. The chapter titles listed here will take you to detailed chapter contents. The date on each page signifies when the chapter was last updated. Forms and other support materials are provided in pdf format for ease of downloading and use. If you do not have a pdf reader, you can download one from this site. Additional links have been provided to support literature in the Ministry of Forests and elsewhere.

Not all chapters are currently online. As new chapters are completed, they will be included on the site and their title will be underlined.

*Surveys (2009)
*Site Preparation (original version)
  Vegetation Management
  Stand Tending
*  denotes revised Chapters of the Silviculture Manual.  Other links lead to web sites containing current relevant information.
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 1999 B.C. Ministry of Forests,
Forest Practices Branch

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