Conservation Strategy
Additional support for the grizzly and its habitats is provided by the recently-announced Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy. This strategy was developed to help ensure that grizzly bears, their habitats, and their ecosystems are maintained and, where necessary, allowed to recover. The strategy also promotes protection for key grizzly habitat, improved public education and information, a review of hunting regulations, and more sensitive land-use practices.
Illustration of conservation strategy For an animal whose range has been significantly reduced in most other parts of North America, the coastal grizzly bear/silviculture guidelines are an extremely important development. Maintaining the grizzly's vital coastal habitats could, in the long run, turn out to be a critical factor in the survival of the species. With sanctuaries like the Khutzeymateen Valley, the grizzly/silviculture guidelines firmly in place and backed by the Forest Practices Code, and the support of the Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy, the grizzly should continue to roam BC's coastal valleys for a long time to come.
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