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Yellow Pine (Py)

Once established, Py is a very drought-tolerant species. On Py sites, the planting window is often limited to the short period in the early spring when sufficient soil moisture is available.

The major limiting factors that can be addressed by stock type selection are animal damage and vegetation competition.

The species is available with both primary and secondary needle morphology.

PCT containers are recommended for Py. Py produces prolific roots in the nursery and should never be ordered as 2+0 container or in containers smaller than a 313B.

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Spruce (Sx)

Lodgepole Pine (Pli/Plc)

Western Redcedar (Cw)

Coastal Douglas-fir (Fdc)

Interior Douglas-fir (Fdi)

Sitka Spruce (Ss and Sxs)

Western Larch (Lw)

Western White Pine (Pw)

Yellow Pine (Py)

Subalpine Fir (Bl)

Amabilis Fir (Ba)

Noble Fir (Bn)

Grand Fir (Bg)

Western Hemlock (Hw)

Mountain Hemlock (Hm)

Yellow-cedar (Yc)


Native Shrubs

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Sowing Trends ­ 1993/1998
Species:   Yellow pine (Py)

  1993 1998

% of total sowing of Py
     1 + 0
     Copper treated
# of stock types 9 10
Dominant container types 313B/415B 410/313B/415B
Smallest container type 313B 211A
Largest container type 415D 415D
Quantity sown (K) 943.2 808.3

New stock types since 1993:  412A

Pie graph showing Py stock type profile, 1998 sowing.

Plate 30.   Py stock types. All stock types exhibit mixed needle morphology with mostly primary needles and a few secondary needles toward the tip of the shoot. (Arrowheads indicate target heights.)

Py stock types.

Py stock type suitability.

Py Limiting factors
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Drought Shallow

Recommended stock types:
PCT 313B 1+0 Sp Poor Poor Fair Fair
PCT 410 1+0 Sp Good Good Fair Good
PSB 415B 1+0 Sp Fair Poor Fair Poor
PCT 412A 1+0 Sp Good Good Fair Good
PCT 512A 1+0 Sp Good Good Fair Good

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