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Subalpine Fir (Bl)1

Its frost tolerance and resilience to snowpress make Bl an important species for reforestation of high elevation (ESSF) and northern forests.

Improvements in nursery culture have made spring planting of 1+0 stock types possible. However, 2+0 stock is the recommended option for summer planting. 1+0 summer stock is being assessed on a trial basis and may become an option as nursery cultural knowledge improves. Requesting Bl in stock types larger than the PSB 410 or 415 is not recommended as wide seedling spacing in the nursery results in unacceptable height variability. Bl inherently tends to have a low sturdiness ratio making it more resilient to snow damage than Sx.

Nursery production of Bl can be severely hampered by poor seed germination. This is often attributable to Caloscypha, a seed-borne fungus that can be easily controlled by ensuring, during cone collection, that the cones are not exposed to soil contact or dusty environments.

1  The transfer of all true firs is restricted by law because of the possibility of infestation by the balsam wooly aphid. See "Insects."

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Spruce (Sx)

Lodgepole Pine (Pli/Plc)

Western Redcedar (Cw)

Coastal Douglas-fir (Fdc)

Interior Douglas-fir (Fdi)

Sitka Spruce (Ss and Sxs)

Western Larch (Lw)

Western White Pine (Pw)

Yellow Pine (Py)

Subalpine Fir (Bl)

Amabilis Fir (Ba)

Noble Fir (Bn)

Grand Fir (Bg)

Western Hemlock (Hw)

Mountain Hemlock (Hm)

Yellow-cedar (Yc)


Native Shrubs

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Sowing Trends ­ 1993/1998
Species:   Subalpine fir (Bl)

  1993 1998

% of total sowing of Bl
     1 + 0
# of stock types 4 5
Dominant container types 313B 410A
Smallest container type 313B 313B
Largest container type 615A 415D
Quantity sown (K) 1264 3603

New stock types since 1993:  412A/415D/PCT

Pie graph showing Bl stock type profile, 1998 sowing.

Plate 31.   Bl stock types. (Arrowheads indicate target heights.)

Bl stock types.

Bl stock type suitability.

Bl Limiting factors
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Recommended stock types:
PSB 313B 1+0 Sp, Su Poor Fair Poor Fair
PSB 410 1+0 Sp, Su Fair Good Fair Good
PSB 415B 1+0 Sp, Su Fair Good Fair Poor
PSB 313B 2+0 Sp, Su, Fa Fair Fair Fair Fair
PSB 410 2+0 Sp, Su, Fa Fair Good Fair Good
PSB 415B 2+0 Sp, Su, Fa Good Good Good Poor

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