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Sitka Spruce (Ss and Sxs)

The major limiting factors that Ss stock type selection can address are vegetation competition and animal damage, and snowpress in the north of its range. Rapidly growing, robust seedlings are crucial to dealing with these limiting factors.

Sitka spruce is the most vigorous species grown in nurseries and may become too tall. Sitka spruce should never be requested in small containers or as 2+0 because of the increased incidence of foliage androot disease and height management problems. Due to the tendency for Ss to become very tall and top-heavy, it is recommended not to accept any reduction in the root collar diameter.

Sowing requests for Ss dropped substantially several years ago due to its vulnerability to the white pine leader weevil. Research is underway with field-testing of putatively weevil-resistant Ss embryogenic lines that may enable increased planting of Ss in areas of higher weevil hazard.

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Spruce (Sx)

Lodgepole Pine (Pli/Plc)

Western Redcedar (Cw)

Coastal Douglas-fir (Fdc)

Interior Douglas-fir (Fdi)

Sitka Spruce (Ss and Sxs)

Western Larch (Lw)

Western White Pine (Pw)

Yellow Pine (Py)

Subalpine Fir (Bl)

Amabilis Fir (Ba)

Noble Fir (Bn)

Grand Fir (Bg)

Western Hemlock (Hw)

Mountain Hemlock (Hm)

Yellow-cedar (Yc)


Native Shrubs

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Sowing Trends ­ 1993/1998
Species:   Sitka spruce (Ss and Sxs)

  1993 1998

% of total sowing of Ss
     1 + 0
# of stock types 7 7
Dominant container types 313B/415D 313B/415B/415D
Smallest container type 313B 313B
Largest container type 615B 615A
Quantity sown (K) 1582 1741

New stock types since 1993:  410/412

Pie graph showing Ss stock type profile, 1998 sowing.

Plate 27.   Ss and Sxs stock types. (Arrowheads indicate target heights.)

Ss and Sxs stock types.

Stock types larger than the PSB 415 1+0 should only be used for the most severe vegetation competition. Although not currently requested, the PSB 512A/515A 1+0 may be cost effective alternatives to the more expensive PSB 615 1+0.

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Ss stock type suitability.

Ss Limiting factors
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Recommended stock types:
PSB 313B 1+0 Sp Poor Poor Fair Good
PSB 410 1+0 Sp, Su Fair Poor Fair Good
PSB 415B 1+0 Sp, Su Fair Poor Fair Poor
PSB 412A 1+0 Sp, Su Fair Fair Fair Good
PSB 415D 1+0 Sp, Su Good Good Good Poor
PSB 512A 1+0 Sp, Su Good Good Good Good
PSB 515A 1+0 Sp, Su Good Good Good Poor
PSB 615A 1+0 Sp, Su Good Good Good Poor

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