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Western Redcedar (Cw)

Cw is most susceptible to browse as it is a preferred species by deer, moose, and elk (Seedling Barrier Protection from Deer and Elk Browse, Feb. 1996.). In areas where Cw browsing is severe, even larger stock types have not been cost-effective, and protective devices or different species may be the only alternative. The species is prone to snow (basal crook or sweep) and frost damage.

The major limiting factors that stock type selection can address are vegetation competition and moderate levels of animal damage.

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Spruce (Sx)

Lodgepole Pine (Pli/Plc)

Western Redcedar (Cw)

Coastal Douglas-fir (Fdc)

Interior Douglas-fir (Fdi)

Sitka Spruce (Ss and Sxs)

Western Larch (Lw)

Western White Pine (Pw)

Yellow Pine (Py)

Subalpine Fir (Bl)

Amabilis Fir (Ba)

Noble Fir (Bn)

Grand Fir (Bg)

Western Hemlock (Hw)

Mountain Hemlock (Hm)

Yellow-cedar (Yc)


Native Shrubs

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Sowing Trends ­ 1993/1998
Species:   Western redcedar (Cw)

  1993 1998

% of total sowing of Cw
     1 + 0
# of stock types 13 13
Dominant container types 313B/415B 313B/410/
Smallest container type 310B 313B
Largest container type 615B 1015
Quantity sown (K) 12 092 9520

New stock types since 1993:  412A/512A/1015

Pie graph showing Cw stock type profile, 1998 sowing.

Plate 24.   Cw stock types. None of the stock illustrated were top-pruned. (Arrowheads indicate target heights.)

Cw stock types.

Large stock types should be used for severe vegetative competition. If a larger stock type than the 1+0 PSB 415D is required, then the 1+0 PSB 512A or 515A may be cost-effective alternatives to the more expensive PSB 615A 1+0.

The substantial foliage and lateral branching produced on the PSB 512A/515A/615A 1+0 stock types can increase resilience to low to moderate levels of browsing.

Cw grows vigorously under nursery conditions and can become excessively tall. Top-pruning of this species is an acceptable practice provided that pruning is performed before mid-July. Holding the stock over or growing it as 2+0 container or field crop is not recommended because of the increased likelihood of Keithia infestation (Plate 10).

The PSB 415D 1+0 is large enough to be an alternative for previously requested 2+0 containers.

Cw is not recommended as a summer plant stock type due to the difficulty in inducing sufficient hardening off.

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Cw stock type suitability.

Cw Limiting factors
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Snowpress Animal

Recommended stock types:
PSB 313B 1+0 Sp, Fa Poor Poor Poor Fair
PSB 410 1+0 Sp, Fa Fair Poor Poor Good
PSB 415B 1+0 Sp, Fa Fair Poor Poor Poor
PSB 412A 1+0 Sp Good Good Fair Good
PSB 415D 1+0 Sp Good Fair Fair Poor
PSB 512A 1+0* Sp Good Good Good Good
PSB 515A 1+0* Sp Good Good Good Poor
PSB 615A 1+0* Sp Good Good Good Poor

* Used for major limiting factors; special handling requirements.

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