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Interior Douglas-fir (Fdi)

Of the major reforestation species used in the interior, Fdi is more sensitive to browsing than Pli, less tolerant to drought than Pli, and more sensitive to frost than Pli and Sx. As Fdi is the least resistant to Armillaria, in areas where available, Lw may be a preferred species.

The major limiting factors that can be addressed by stock type selection are vegetation competition and animal damage (browsing and trampling).

The correct selection of seedlot and attention to seed transfer and site preparation is particularly important for dry-belt Fdi where drought from grass competition and shallow soils are limiting factors.

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Spruce (Sx)

Lodgepole Pine (Pli/Plc)

Western Redcedar (Cw)

Coastal Douglas-fir (Fdc)

Interior Douglas-fir (Fdi)

Sitka Spruce (Ss and Sxs)

Western Larch (Lw)

Western White Pine (Pw)

Yellow Pine (Py)

Subalpine Fir (Bl)

Amabilis Fir (Ba)

Noble Fir (Bn)

Grand Fir (Bg)

Western Hemlock (Hw)

Mountain Hemlock (Hm)

Yellow-cedar (Yc)


Native Shrubs

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Sowing Trends ­ 1993/1998
Species:   Interior Douglas-fir (Fdi)

  1993 1998

% of total sowing of Fdi
     1 + 0
# of stock types 13 9
Dominant container types 415B/313B 415B/410/313B
Smallest container type 313B 313B
Largest container type 515A 515A
Quantity sown (K) 7489 7950.2

New stock types since 1993:  412A

Pie graph showing Fdi stock type profile, 1998 sowing.

Plate 26.   Fdi stock types. Like Fdc, the larger stock types have increased size and number of lateral branches. (Arrowheads indicate target heights.)

Fdi stock types.

Interior Douglas-fir shares the same cultural limitations on stock type selection as Fdc. It should not be ordered in small containers nor as 2+0 Su containers. Unlike Fdc, the species may have poor cohesion in the upper part of the plug.

Summer 1+0-planted stock may require blackout and should be inspected for succulence and reflushing. However, summer planting is not recommended due to the difficulties in promoting and maintaining budset. Stock larger than the PSB 415D 1+0 is only recommended for severe brush competition and animal browsing. The PSB 512A/515A 1+0 may be cost-effective alternatives to the more expensive PSB 615 1+0.

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Fdi stock type suitability.

Fdi Limiting factors
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Drought Shallow

Recommended stock types:
PSB 313B 1+0 Sp Poor Poor Poor Poor Fair
PSB 410 1+0 Sp Fair Fair Fair Fair Good
PSB 415B 1+0 Sp Fair Fair Fair Fair Poor
PSB 412A 1+0 Sp Good Good Good Fair Good
PSB 415D 1+0 Sp Good Good Good Fair Poor
PSB 512A 1+0 Sp Good Good Good Fair Good
PSB 515A 1+0 Sp Good Good Good Fair Poor
PSB 615A 1+0 Sp Good Good Good Fair Poor

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