Forest Level Benefits to Commercial
Thinning and Fertilization

This project was funded by

Ministry of Forests | Forest Practices Branch


Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Stand Level Impacts

3.0 Forest Level Impacts

4.0 Provincial Opportunities

5.0 Arrowsmith TSA Analysis

6.0 Kootenay Lake TSA Analysis

7.0 Discussion

8.0 References Cited

Appendix I - TSA Test Case Selection

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We would like to express our thanks to the following people for their contribution:

Jim Annunziello, MoF Kootenay Lake District
Rob Brockley, MoF Kalamalka Forestry Centre
Reid Carter, TimberWest
Mike Clarkson, MoF Timber Supply Branch
Mario DiLuca, MoF Research Branch
Mike Fidgeon, MoF Vancouver Forest Region
Ron Gray, MoF Kamloops Forest Region
Wayne Johnstone, MoF Kalamalka Forestry Centre
Les Herring, MoF Prince George Forest Region
Ivan Listar, MoF Nelson Forest Region
Louise de Montigny, MoF Research Branch
Guy Newsome, MoF Cariboo Forest Region
Barrie Phillips, MoF Research Branch
Mel Scott, MoF Forest Practices Branch
Nick Smith, MacMillan Bloedel
Dean Stewart, MoF Port Alberni Forest District
Jeff Stone, MoF Research Branch
Michael Stone, MoF Economics and Trade Branch
Lou Tromp, MoF Prince Rupert Forest Region
Ralph Winter, MoF Forest Practices Branch

This project was funded by Forest Renewal BC.

Prepared by:
David M. Carson, R.P.F.
Forester, Resource Analysis
Timberline Forest Inventory Consultants Ltd.
Victoria, B.C.

Prepared for:
B.C. Ministry of Forests
Forest Practices Branch
Victoria, B.C.

June 1997

Ministry of Forests | Forest Practices Branch