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World Statistics


Silviculture treatments on public and small private lands in Finland from 1980 to 1998

Finland's public and small private sector silviculture investment and accomplishments for 1998

Commercial roundwood fellings in Finland from 1985 to 1998

New Zealand

New Zealand plantation forestry in summary


Sweden's public and private silviculture accomplishments from 1985 to 1998

Sweden's public and private silviculture investment from 1985 to 1997

Commercial roundwood fellings in Sweden from 1981/82 to 1998

Other World Statistics

World softwood growing stock (chart)

World exports of softwood lumber (chart)

World exports of forest products—1996 (chart)

World exports of wood pulp and newsprint (chart)

World softwood harvest (chart)

Ownership of commercial forest land base—1998 (chart )

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Did You
    Forests constitute slightly over 3.4 billion hectares or 27% of the global land area. Total growing stock in 1990 was 384 billion cubic metres. Forests of the developed regions represent 42% of the global forest area and 43% of the growing stock. The share of the former USSR alone is 22% of the overall forest area.
Data source: Finnish Forest Research Institute, 1995.