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Just the Facts is a compendium of frequently referenced British Columbia silviculture and other forestry statistics covering the period 1981/82 to 1997/98.

This period is one of the most significant in British Columbia’s forest management history. Between April 1981 and March 1998 the following increases in silviculture programs occurred on Crown land:

  • 230% increase in silviculture surveys;
  • 67% increase in site preparation;
  • 167% increase in area planted;
  • 2331% increase in brushing; and
  • 162% increase in spacing.

This report contains detailed statistics on these and other silviculture activities. The report is intended for silviculture staff to use as a quick reference to statistical data and charts relating to commonly asked questions. Most British Columbia information is presented by forest region with totals for the province. Where charts follow detailed tables, only the provincial totals have been charted. Statistical information from other provinces and countries is included for comparative purposes.

The report consists of tables and graphs only. No interpretation of the information is provided. If you require an explanation of data or trends, contact the appropriate ministry specialist. The report is divided into the following major areas:

Just the Facts will be updated periodically.

NEW: View the MoFR annual report tables for silviculture. (2005)


You can download or view the the complete March 2000 printed edition of Just the Facts in Acrobat PDF format by selecting the link below:

Just the Facts: A review of silviculture and other forestry statistics (2.2mb)

Or download only the sections you want to view:

Introduction - Harvesting - Silviculture 1 - Silviculture 2 - BC/Canada Statistics - World Statistics - Reference

Free Acrobat Reader software is required to view these PDF documents.

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Just the Facts
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