Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan

2006-2011 Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan

The Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan is the cornerstone of the Province's coordinated response to the mountain pine beetle infestation.

The Action Plan guides provincial responses and helps coordinate all levels of government, communities, industries and stakeholders working to mitigate impacts of the pine beetle. It addresses forestry and environmental issues as well as economic, social and cultural sustainability.

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Sustaining Communities 2008: Action Plan Progress Report

Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan Objectives

  1. Ensuring long-term economic sustainability for affected communities
  2. Maintaining and protecting public health, safety and infrastructure
  3. Recovering the greatest value from dead timber before it burns or decays, while respecting other forest values
  4. Conserving the long-term forest values identified in land use plans
  5. Preventing or reducing damage to forests in areas that are susceptible but not yet experiencing epidemic infestations
  6. Restoring the forest resources in areas affected by the epidemic
  7. Ensuring co-ordinated and effective planning and implementation of mitigation measures