Future Forest Ecosystems Scientific Council of British Columbia

About the FFESC

In March 2008, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations established the Future Forest Ecosystems Scientific Council (FFESC) to guide the allocation of a $5.5 million grant-in-aid to research that supports the objectives of the Future Forest Ecosystems Initiative (FFEI) – namely, adaptation of the forest and range management framework to climate change.

The FFESC is a cooperative council comprising representatives of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, the Ministry of Environment, the University of British Columbia (UBC), and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC).

The FFESC wrapped up its research program in 2012. A closing conference/workshop was held in June 2012, which enabled researchers and knowledge users to discuss FFESC research outcomes and their policy implications; this dialogue is now helping to inform Government’s action plan for adapting forest and range management policies and practices to climate change. A synthesis of FFESC research and policy recommendations, and a summary of the closing conference/workshop, is also posted to this web site


Summary of FFESC Research Program


FFESC Closing Conference/Workshop June 11-13, 2012


FFESC Projects

#Project LeaderProject Title
1Peter Bradford, FLNRO Climate Change Monitoring Strategy


Dirk Brinkman, Coast Tsimshian Resources

Climate change adaptation planning for Northwest Skeena communities

3 Chuck Bulmer, FLNRO Soil and ecological baseline data: Improvement and delivery
(Contact Chuck Bulmer to view Appendices 2-5)


Allan Carroll, UBC

Predicting forest insect disturbance under climate change


Ann Chan-McLeod, UBC

Integrating climate change adaptation strategies with sustainability and socioeconomic objectives for the Quesnel timber supply area

6Darwyn Coxson, UNBC Change Vulnerability of Old-Growth Forests in BC’s Inland Temperate Rainforest
7Craig Delong, Consultant Risk Analysis and Decision Support Tool (Appendix)
8Louise deMontigny, FLNRO

A Climate Change Strategy for Red Alder in British Columbia

Peter Duinker, Dalhousie University


Lauchlan Fraser, TRU

Managing for the ecological and socioeconomic effects of climate change on BC rangelands

11Lyle Gawalko, FLNRO Climate change and fire management research forum http://bcwildfire.ca/Weather/Climate/index.htm


Rachel Holt, Veridian Consulting

Vulnerability, resilience and climate change: adaptation potential for ecosystems and their management in the West Kootenay


John Innes, UBC

Climate change adaptation research for forest and rangeland ecosystems: resiliency implications at the landscape level

Executive summary

Technical report: Honoring the voices of Aboriginal Knowledge Keepers in the South Selkirks Region: Perspectives on climate change

Technical report: South Selkirks Forest Management and Climate Change Public Opinion Survey

Poster Abstract

14Mark Johnston, Saskatchewan Research Council Vulnerability of Canada's Tree Species to Climate Change and Management Options for Adaptation: An Overview for Policy Makers and Practitioners


Emina Krcmar, UBC

Uncertainty in adaptation to climate change in forest management: selected case studies in British Columbia


Don Morgan, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, MoE

A multi-scale trans-disciplinary vulnerability assessment

17 Don Morgan, MoE A Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for British Columbia's Managed Forests


Harry Nelson, UBC

Validating impacts, exploring vulnerabilities, and developing robust adaptive strategies under the Kamloops Future Forest Strategy

See project web site for appendices and guidance documents

19Craig Nitschke, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, University of Melbourne Regeneration Vulnerability Assessment for Dominant Tree Species Throughout the Central Interior of British Columbia
20Todd Redding, FORREX; Robin Pike, MoE A Compendium of Forest Hydrology and Geomorphology in British Columbia
Poster Abstract


Dave Spittlehouse, FLNRO

High resolution spatial climate data for climate change research in BC.

Final project report

See below For More Information on available climate tools


Tracy Summerville, UNBC

Integrating FFEI scientific predictions into community planning and governance

Final project report

23 Tongli Wang & Sally Aitken, UBC Projecting Future Distributions of Ecosystem Climate Niches: Uncertainties and Management Applications
Final Project Report


Alan Wiensczyk, FORREX

Reducing vulnerabilities and promoting resilience of BC's natural and human systems through adaptation of post-disturbance land management options

25Rita Winkler, FLNRO; Sarah Boon, ULETH Effects of Climate and Forest Cover Change on Snowmelt Dominated Water Supplies in the Okanagan
Project Website
Poster Abstract

For More Information

ClimateWNA, a program to generate downscaled historical and future climate data for western North America, is now available and can be downloaded free of charge from:

For more details, please see the readme

General questions about the FFESC and the Future Forest Ecosystems InitiativeKristine Weese, FFESC Secretariat, kristine.weese@gov.bc.ca