Forest and Range Evaluation Program

Welcome to the Forest and Range Evaluation Program (FREP) web site.

On this site you will find information on the FREP Program, from developing indicators and protocols to collecting, analyzing and reporting out results.

FREP Strategic Plan - view Strategic Plan, April 19, 2016

Vision: Sustainability of Forest and Range Resources Through Science and Stewardship

FREP Mission Statement

Collect and communicate the best available natural resource monitoring information to inform decision making, improve resource management outcomes and provide evidence of government's commitment to environmental sustainability.

FREP Objectives

1. Assess the impacts of forest and range development on the 11 FRPA resource values to determine if on-the-ground results are sustainable.

2. Identify resource value status, trends and casual factors, and

3. Identify opportunities for continued improvement of practices, policies and legislation.

To learn more about the Forest and Range Evaluation Program, use the links below the pictures to navigate to the information you need, or you can start with a basic overview of FREP from the "What is FREP?" page.