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AM Workshops 2008 hosted by the Ministry of Forests and Range

Adaptive Management is a formal process for continually improving management practices by learning from the outcomes of operational and experimental practices. (Bunnell et al., 2003)

  1. Understanding and Enabling Adaptive Management in Natural Resource Management (pdf, 568Kb)
    Objectives of the workshop are to:
    • Clarify what adaptive management (AM) is (and what it isn't)
    • Learn when AM is most useful and when it may not be appropriate
    • Understand the basic process and key elements of AM
    • Discover common enabling and inhibiting factors
    • Convey some examples (Who is doing AM?; Where?; Why?; and How?)
    • Share first-hand experiences from selected AM practitioners
    • Explore opportunities for participants to apply AM in their work
  2. Applying Adaptive Management in Natural Resource Management (pdf, 312Kb)
    This is an advanced workshop that builds on the principles and concepts introduced in the Ministry's Understanding & Enabling Adaptive Management in Natural Resource Management workshops held in February 2007 and 2008. The objective of this advanced workshop is to develop greater understanding of how to apply the AM approach to natural resource management problems by:
    • Using real-world management problems to explore key elements of adaptive management (AM) in greater detail, focusing on Steps 1 (Assess) and 2 (Design) in the AM Cycle,
    • Learning about some key challenges that commonly arise in later steps of the AM Cycle, and exploring ways to address them,
    • Conveying more examples (who is doing AM; where, why and how), and
    • Sharing more first-hand experiences from an AM practitioner.

Who should attend these workshops?

Government, consultants and industry employees practicing in the field of natural resources management who are interested in learning about the key concepts of adaptive management, understanding how they can apply adaptive management in their work, and networking with other interested people to form a 'Community of Practice'. The workshop is appropriate for operational staff as well as managers and decision makers. Registration To make the workshops most meaningful and interactive for participants, session sizes will be kept small. Registration is on a first come first serve basis and a waiting list will be taken. If there is more interest than we can accommodate at this time we will plan extra sessions in the future.

To register in a session please contact:
Alanya Smith, Ministry of Forests and Range
Tel: (250) 387-8922