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Below, by category, are lists of Adaptive Management publications and resources for practitioners.

Handbooks & User Guides

Statistical Methods for Adaptive Management Studies [pdf, 157 pages, 1.6Mb], this handbook provides an overview of principles and methods for approaches to experimentation and data analysis for adaptive management studies. (MFR)

An Introductory Guide to Adaptive Management for Project Leaders and Participants, this guide provides an introduction to the concept of adaptive management as it is being implemented by the BC Forest Service. (MFR)

Applying Adaptive Management in British Columbia's Forests, the BC Forest Service is now developing a province-wide initiative that aims to establish adaptive management as a standard approach to situations in which the optimal policies or practices are uncertain. (MFR)

Planning and Implementing a Research Study (MFR, 2003) [pdf, 220Kb]

US Department of the Interior, AM Technical Guide (2007) [pdf, 86 pages, 37Mb]

BC AM Publications

Designing an Adaptive Management Field Project - A Case Study [pdf, 57Kb]

Adaptive Management of Forests in British Columbia, focuses on the complexity of issues surrounding forest management such as ecological, social, and economic. This complexity, together with limited understanding of forest ecosystems and the unpredictable nature of many natural events, contributes to uncertainty about outcomes of management decisions.

note: complete document comprises 103 pages. Due to its size, we have provided the document in 3 sections. See links provided.

Annotated Bibliography: Adaptive Management References, provides a few references to books and papers that discuss the application of adaptive management to resource management challenges. The bibliography was last updated in 1997.

Adaptive Management - Learning from our Forests [pdf, 4pages, 424Kb], forest ecosystems are complex and their dynamic nature inherently unpredictable. As a result, our understanding of ecosystems and our ability to predict their responses to human interventions are limited. Together with changing social values, this knowledge gap leads to uncertainty and controversy over how best to manage British Columbia forests.

MFR AM Newsletters

Adaptive Management Newsletter; Summer 2000 [pdf, 8pages, 388Kb], the fourth issue of the Adaptive Management Newsletter; a newsletter written for people interested in concepts, projects, and events related to adaptive management in B.C.

Adaptive Management Newsletter; Summer 1997 [pdf, 7pages, 208Kb], adaptive management shares elements with approaches used in other fields. For example, some of the principles and methods of adaptive management are similar to the "Deming" management method (and the related approach of "Total Quality Management") now popular in the business world.

Adaptive Management Newsletter; Spring 1997 [pdf, 7pages, 175Kb], how is an adaptive management study different from a typical field experiment conducted by the BCFS.

Reference, Research & Resources - BC

BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management (JEM), is a peer-reviewed electronic and print journal published by FORREX Forest Research Extension Partnership. JEM informs readers about innovative approaches to sustainable ecosystem management, and provides a forum for commentary on current issues and challenges.

The Role of Adaptive Management as an Operational Approach for Resource Management Agencies

Sicamous Creek Silvicultural Systems Research Project 1992-2006 [MS Word, 8 pages, 859Kb], the broad objective of the Sicamous Creek project is to provide the forestry community with information on how to manage wet, cold, high elevation forests in the Southern Interior.

Challenges in Adaptive Management of Riparian and Coastal Ecosystems, Many case studies in adaptive-management planning for riparian ecosystems have failed to produce useful models for policy comparison or good experimental management plans for resolving key uncertainties.

Steps in Managing Biodiversity within an Adaptive Management Framework

Reference, Research & Resources - Other

Adaptive Management: Linking Biodiversity with Decision Makers [pdf, 2pages, 12Kb], for 15 years SI/MAB has worked to establish and promote global biodiversity monitoring sites.

Applying Advanced Technologies for Adaptive Management and Decision Support in Natural Resources, adaptive management is an explicit and analytical process for adjusting management and research decisions to better achieve management objectives; and this process should be quantitative wherever feasible. Adaptive management recognizes that knowledge about natural resource systems is uncertain.

Appraising Adaptive Management, Adaptive management is appraised as a policy implementation approach by examining its conceptual, technical, equity, and practical strengths and limitations.

Ecosystem Sustainability Through Adaptive Management and Research, For the purposes of this discussion, ecosystem sustainability is defined as the condition of overlap between what people want for themselves and for future generations and what is ecologically possible in the long run.

Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan, Arizona, US, work on the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan fulfills three areas of need: a science-based conservation plan, an update of the comprehensive land use plan, and compliance with federal regulations that protection of endangered species be addressed through a multiple species conservation plan.