1 Definition of a Silvicultural System 4 The Decision Process Appendix 1 Answer Key
2 Major Types of Systems 5 There's More to Learn Appendix 2 Advantages and Disadvantages
3 Variations of Major Types 6 Implementation Appendix 3 References

Major Types of Silvicultural Systems

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What You Will Learn

Terms to Remember

The General Categories of Silvicultural Systems

Even-aged Systems

Uneven-aged Silviculture Systems

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Even-aged Systems
Clear cut systemsvariations
Seed tree systemsvariations
Shelterwood systemvariations
Coppice system
Patch cut system
Retention silvicultural system
Uneven-aged systems
Selection systemvariations

What You Will Learn

After completing this chapter you should be able to:

  • describe the major types of silvicultural systems
  • appreciate the subtle differences between a seed tree and shelterwood system
  • recognize some outdated and confusing terminology
  • understand how reserves play a role in silvicultural systems and impact on terminology.

Terms to Remember

  • clearcut
  • patch cut
  • seed tree
  • shelterwood
  • selection
  • coppice
  • reserves
  • retention system


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