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Managing the dry douglas-fir forests of the southern interior: workshop proceedings April 29-30, 1997 Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Editor(s): A. Vyse, D.C. Hollstedt, and D.J. Huggard
Source: Forest Science Program
Subject: Ecosystems
Series: Working Paper
Other details:  Published 1998. Hardcopy is available.


The management of dry Douglas-fir forests of the Southern Interior is a subject of some concern to operational foresters and other land managers. Although the widespread use of uniform stand-level partial cutting rather than clearcutting in this forest type appears to have eliminated public fears about cutting practices, nagging doubts persist about the extensive use of this practice. The issues of regeneration, growth and yield, wildlife, pest management, and cattle grazing continue to be of concern despite the use of "continuous cover" silviculture.

Formal research on some of these issues has been conducted for over 20 years in the Cariboo, Kamloops, and Nelson forest regions. Unfortunately, the results of this work are widely scattered in journals and other publications of varying accessibility. Other issues have received little attention. Added to this situation is the seemingly endless capacity of field foresters and loggers for invention. New approaches are always being discussed and applied in dry-belt Douglas-fir, as they are in other forest types in the province. Therefore, the foresters and others with responsibility for managing these forests are plagued by a double misfortune: they have difficulty learning from researchers and from the experiences of their peers.

This workshop will not solve all of these problems. It was organized primarily to provide researchers with a forum to share research results, identify gaps, and set priorities for the future. However, the publication of the proceedings should also provide managers of dry Douglas-fir forests with a readily available source of information about the forest type and a starting point from which to make contact with the extensive knowledge base.

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