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The Lichens of British Columbia Illustrated Keys Part 2 - Fruticose Species

Author(s) or contact(s): T. Goward
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Botany
Series: Special Report Series
Other details:  Published 1999. Hardcopy is available.


This manual adopts a broad interpretation of the fruticose life form. Included here are all lichen genera - both macrolichens and microlichens - in which a majority of species bear stalks or branches that are roughly circular in cross-section. Although fruticose microlichens are traditionally regarded as crustose, they are included here owing to their dominant stalked sexual or asexual reproductive structures. Examples of fruticose microlichens include Calicium, Chaenotheca, Gyalideopsis, and Microlychnus.

Two primary objectives have guided the preparation of this manual:
- to briefly summarize the ecology, distribution, and frequency status of all fruticose lichens known to occur in British Columbia.
- to stimulate lichenological research by making these lichens accessible to a broad audience.

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