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Silviculture prescriptions field methods book - interpretive guide for data collection, stratification, and sensitivity evaluation for silviculture prescriptions

Author(s) or contact(s): BC Ministry of Forests - Forest Practices Branch
Source: Forest Practices Branch
Subject: Silvicultural Systems
Series: Silviculture
Other details:  Published 1997. Hardcopy is available.


Sil411 has been updated. For current information please see the current Land Management Handbooks series on our main homepage located at:

This field methods book is a technical support document intended for use by forestry field practioners to ensure high quality data collection and interpretation for forest practices in British Columbia. This field methods book is intended to assist field practitioners with the delineation of strata, collection of site-specific field data, and initial development of silviculture prescriptions throughout British Columbia, and has been designed to promote the consistent collection of field data on Field Forms FS 39A.

This document is not a substitute for education, training, and field workshops relating to soils, ecology, soil conservation, slope instability, or management strategies. This, and other handbooks or guidebooks, provide support to complement these other activities. The use of this field methods book is not a statutory requirement and should therefore be used with discretion and as appropriate.

Keywords: Silviculture Prescription, Statification, Plot Sampling, Mapping Procedures, Data Collection, Field Data Forms, Plot Card FS 39A and Stratum Card FS 39B

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