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Fall Planting in the Vancouver Forest Region: Second Approximation Guide-Lines and Review of Available Information

Author(s) or contact(s): G.J. Krumlik
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Reforestation
Series: Research Report
Other details:  Published 1984. Hardcopy is available.


Second approximation guidelines are proposed for fall planting - that which is carried out from the end of August until the end of October. These guidelines are based partially on operational field experience and partially on research results, but have not been experimentally tested to verify their validity. They are intended as a recommendation of how successful fall planting should be done - not as an enforceable policy. It is suggested that anyone interested in using the guidelines should also read the accompanying background report.

Fall planting in the Vancouver Forest REgion (V.F.R.) has been practiced for almost two decades. Results have often been less than satisfactory, yet the demand for fall planting is increasing. To help resolve this situation, a review of fall planting was requested by the regional Silviculture Officer.

The review focused on technical and scientific publications pertinent to the V.F.R. and on knowledge and experience accumulated by practising foresters and research officers. The review did not find any reason to suggest that fall planting is inferior to spring planting. Fall planting can be as good as spring planting if certain practices are observed (or as bad if they are not).

Guidelines for fall planting and recommendations for research are proposed.

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