Table of Contents

The Ministry of Forests
The Ministry in 1997/98
Meeting the Mandate
A Year of Transition
The Year in Business
Objectives in 1997/98
1997/98 Results
Strategic and Corporate Objectives for 1998/99
1997/98 Tables Directory
Summary Financial and Statistical Tables
Detailed Financial Tables
Detailed Statistical Tables
Appendix 1: The Ministry
Appendix 2: 1997/98 Branch Reports
Policy and Economics Group
Economics and Trade
Corporate Policy and Planning
Operations Division
Business Design
Compliance and Enforcement
Resource Tenures and Engineering
Nursery and Seed Operations
Aboriginal Affairs
Forestry Division
Forest Practices
Silviculture Activities Overview
Timber Supply
Tree Improvement
Resources Inventory
Forestry Division Services
Revenue and Corporate Services Division
Financial Management
Human Resources
Equity and Diversity Office
Audit Services
Information Systems
Appendix 3: Special Accounts–Statutory
Forest Stand Management Fund
Small Business Forest Enterprise Program
South Moresby Implementation
Forest Renewal BC