Ministry of Forests Annual Report 1995/96

Ministry of Forests Annual Report 1995/96 Table of Contents


The Forest Service delivers programs and services through a province-wide network of 43 district offices in six forest regions. It employs more than 4,700 people, enters into contracts with many others, and works with the public and private sectors on a wide range of activities.



The votes portion of this annual report contains the Ministry of Forests reports on 1995/96 activity highlights. Prior to 1994/95, these were organized by program (e.g., Silviculture, Research, etc.). To better reflect the reorg-anization of the ministry that was completed at the end of 1995, and the significant changes made to its funding allocation structure, these activity reports are now presented by funding allocation. For that reason, programs funded under several different allocations are reported on in more than one place.

Please note that the organization of these reports in the pages that follow is substantially different from the ministry organization illustrated by reporting function on pages 12 and 13.

For an overall picture of the ministry's vote structure and expenditures, see Table 2 on page 70. A detailed breakdown of votes, sub-votes, sections, and activity area reports is provided here to help readers access text information.

The Ministry of Forests votes and special accounts listed below and reported in this section follow the order of the government's Estimates for the 1995/96 fiscal year.

1995/96 Annual Report Order of Texts

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