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Editor(s): B.A. Scrivener and J. MacKinnon
Source: Research Branch
Series: FRDA Report
Other details:  Published 1989. Hardcopy is available.


The idea to hold a Forest Resource Development Agreement (FRDA)-sponsored Northern Silviculture Committee (NSC) Winter Workshop was first proposed by Lorne Bedford, Project Leader for FRDA 1.15. Lorne suggested that a contractor be hired to contact potential speakers and assist them with preparations for their presentations. With the approval of the NSC executive, the project went ahead. The contractor hired, John Bartlett, spent several months lining up the 30 speakers represented here. The speakers submitted their papers, which were subsequently edited for length. Technical material in the presentations has been retained. All references to other literature have been compiled and placed in the “References” section at the end of these Proceedings. The workshop attracted in excess of 360 participants. In addition to the technical sessions, there was a herbicide seminar immediately before the workshop, more than 20 commercial booths displaying their products throughout the workshop, and two well-attended poster sessions in the evenings. The speakers, the organizing committee (myself, Marty Osberg and Dave Coopersmith), other NSC members (Lorne Bedford, Shelley Burns, Heather Dawson, Maureen Schulting and Al Todd), moderators for the different sessions (some of the above, as well as Kathy Campbell, Roberta Parish, Jim Sherb, Dave Wilford and Bill Williams), and the staff at the Inn of the North (particularly Renee Partel) worked together to ensure that the meetings ran smoothly. The text for the Proceedings was word-processed by Brian Scrivener and typeset by Beth Collins. Jacqueline Verkley prepared many of the figures. All of the above deserve great credit for an excellent workshop and Proceedings. Finally, thanks are due to FRDA 1.15, which funded the contractor who contacted the speakers, and which subsequently funded preparation and production of these Proceedings. This is the second joint NSC-FRDA production in two years (the first being the Second Edition of “A Guide to the Use of Mechanical Site Preparation Equipment in North Central British Columbia”); these co-operative ventures assist both the NSC and FRDA in achieving their goals.

This conference was designed to look into various aspects of backlog rehabilitation from site preparation, (sessions on Prescribed Fire and Mechanical Site Preparation) through seedling production and planting, (Nurseries, Planting) to stand tending (Vegetation Management) and pest and wildlife interactions. Presentations range from the theoretical to the practical and from large-scale operational projects to intensive research trials.

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