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A Field Guide for Site Identification and Interpretation for the Southwest Portion of the Prince George Forest Region

Author(s) or contact(s): C. DeLong, D. Tanner, and M.J. Jull
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Ecosystems
Series: Land Management Handbook
Other details:  Published 1993. Hardcopy is available.


This guide presents site identification and interpretation information for forest ecosystems of the southwest portion of the Prince George Forest Region The classification system used follows the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) developed for the province by the B.C. Ministry of Forests (Pojar et al. 1987). The principles have evolved from the work of V.J. Krajina (1965,1969) and are described in Chapter 2.

The objectives of this classification are:
- to provide a framework for organizing ecological information and
- to promote further understanding of identified ecosystems and the
- to supply resource managers with a common language to describe forest
- to improve the user's ability to prescribe and monitor treatment regimes management experience about ecosystems; relationships among them; sites; and on a site-specific (ecosystem) basis.

The guide has two main goals:
- to assist the user in classifying sample sites in the field; and
- to provide interpretations for these site units that will assist the user in preparing management prescriptions.

This version of the guide results from the recent completion of an inter- regional correlation of the BEC system. The correlation project was completed to ensure the consistency and quality of the ecological information base across the province. This guide replaces the following guides for use in the Prince George Forest Region: DeLong et al. (1984) for the SBSmk1 (previously SBSe2); DeLong et al. (1984) for the SBSdw3 (previously SBSk3); DeLong et al. (1985) for the SBSmc3 (previously SBSi); DeLong et al. (1987) for the SBSdw2 (previously SBSk2); and Lewis et al. (1986) for the SBSdk (previously SBSd), SBSmc2 (previously SBSe1), and SBPSmc (previously SBSa2). Appendix 1 presents the correlation between the previous site and biogeoclimatic units and this classification. All sites slated for harvest are required by law under the Silviculture Regulations (1988) to be classified according to the biogeoclimatic classification system.

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