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A Guide for Management of Landslide-Prone Terrain in the Pacific Northwest (Second Edition)

Author(s) or contact(s): S.C. Chatwin, D.E. Howes, J.W. Schwab, and D.N. Swanston
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Erosion, Mass Wasting and Landslides
Series: Land Management Handbook
Other details:  Published 1994. Hardcopy is available.


This study was undertaken as part of the Fish/Forestry Interaction Program (FFIP), a multidisciplinary research study initiated in 1981. The program was started following a series of major winter storms in 1978 that triggered landslides over much of the Queen Charlotte Islands forest land base. Originating on steep slopes. many slides deposited tonnes of debris in streams and on valley flats. The events raised private and public concerns over logging practices on the Islands and prompted the establishment of the 5-year program. Overall objectives of FFIP were:
- to study the extent and severity of mass wasting and to assess its impacts on fish habitat and forest sites.
- to investigate the feasibility of rehabilitating stream and forest sites damaged by landslides.
- to assess alternative silvicultural treatments for maintaining and improving slope stability.
- to investigate the feasibility and success of using alternative logging methods, including skylines and helicopters, and by logging planning to reduce logging-related failures.

The program is jointly funded by direct appropriations from the Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the B. C. Ministry of Forests (Research Branch), and the B. C. Ministry of Environment (Fisheries Branch). Participating agencies include Forestry Canada (Pacific Forestry Centre), and the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC), Vancouver, B. C.

Program results are published through the B. C. Ministry of Forests, Land Management Report series, as well as in papers presented at symposiums, conferences, and through technical journals.

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