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Performance Evaluation of Powered Scarifiers in North Central British Columbia

Author(s) or contact(s): I.B. Hedin
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Equipment
Series: FRDA Report
Other details:  Published 1990. Hardcopy is available.


FERIC evaluated six powered scarifiers in short-term assessments in the summer of 1987. These implements were used in pairs, and monitored on three sites: two south of Vanderhoof and one south of Tumbler Ridge. The three sites were very different in characteristics, and the implements were successful in providing acceptable planting spots in all cases.

The Donaren 280D and TTS Delta powered-disc trenchers were used on a backlog reforestation block 75 km south of Vanderhoof. The area had low slash volumes and vigorous growth of competing vegetation. Productivity was 1.57 ha/productive hour for the Donaren 280D and 1.63 ha/productive hour for the TTS Delta. The objective in planting spots was met, with over 50% of the assessed microsites located on raised-slope positions and in combination mineral soil and LFH material.

The Donaren 180D and TTS Delta were monitored on a difficult site 80 km south of Tumbler Ridge. The area had severe topographic, soil moisture, and slash conditions. Productivity for the Donaren 180D was 1.09 ha/productive hour, and 1.33 ha/productive hour for the TTS Delta. The TTS produced significantly more raised-slope planting positions than the Donaren, but microsite disturbance was not different.

The TTS Delta was also studied near Vanderhoof along with the Silva Wadell scarifier. The block was recently logged, slash was moderate, and stones were frequent. Productivity was 1.17 ha/productive hour for the Silva Wadell and 1.26 ha/productive hour for the TTS Delta. The Silva Wadell favoured interface and raised-slope positions, with combination mineral soil and LFH microsites, while the TTS Delta had more raised-slope mineral soil positions.

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