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Growing-space Management in Boreal Mixedwood Forests - The Establishment of EP 1192.01, Fort Nelson River Site

Author(s) or contact(s): G.J. Harper and R.D. Kabzems
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Growth and Yield
Series: Extension Note
Other details:  Published 2003. Hardcopy is available.


In northern British Columbia, boreal and sub-boreal forests dominate the landscape. Significant portions of these forests comprise mixed stands of conifer and deciduous species, or "mixedwoods." Historically, management prescriptions for boreal mixedwoods emphasized the creation of conifer or deciduous monocultures and pure stands. However, this practice of "unmixing" boreal mixedwoods is neither ecologically desirable nor biologically successful (Grover and Greenway 1999). This study explores not only the spatial and temporal interaction of aspen and spruce, but also the impact of a variety of operational brushing tools designed to manipulate and promote the early establishment of mixedwood growing space. With its large plot size and replicated design this research trial will help provide both short- and long-term information needs supporting the continuing evolution of boreal mixedwood management.

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