Nelson Region Publications

In 2003, the Nelson Region was amalgamated with the Cariboo Region and the Kamloops Region to create the Southern Interior Forest Region. Before this amalgamation the following materials were previously produced by the Nelson Region.

Nelson Region Publications

Technical Reports



Report Number

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SX 86704N Efficacy Testing of Hexazinone (Velpar-LŪ) and a Manual Treatment on Cottonwood and Thimbleberry in the ICHmw2 D.L. Delong and
C.F. Thompson

RNE TR-001


Soil Texture and Calibration G. Davis

RNE TR-002


Ecosection Summaries for the Kootenay-Boundary
H.J. Quesnel and
F.N. Thiessen

RNE TR-003

Forests Greater then 140 Years Old in the Kootenay-Boundary Region - Status Report H.J. Quesnel and
J.K. Leahy

RNE TR-004

A Retrospective Investigation of Partial Cuts in the ICHmw1 and ICHmk1 in the Golden Forest District D.L. Delong

RNE TR-005

Review of Five and Time and Motion Studies Completed on Root Removal Treatments in the Nelson Forest Region D.L. Delong

RNE TR-006

Water Quality Monitoring of a Small Spring Following Forest Harvesting D.R. Gluns and
K. Green

RNE TR-007

Redfish Creek Prescribed Burn Vegetation Monitoring Project T. Braumandl

RNE TR-008

Stumping & Pushover Logging in the Nelson Forest Region: 1992 & 1993 Soil Disturbance Surveys G. Davis and
W.H. Wells

RNE TR-009

Wildlife Trees and Their Use by Cavity Nesters in
Selected Stands of the Nelson Forest Region
C. Steeger and
M.M. Machmer

RNE TR-010

A Retrospective Investigation of Advanced Western Redcedar Regeneration in the ICHwk1, ICHmw2, and ICHmw1 of the Nelson Forest Region. EP 1174 D.L. Delong

RNE TR-011

Use of Paper Birch by Cavity Nesters in the Southern Interior of British Columbia M.M. Machmer,
C. Steeger and
M. McDonaugh

RNE TR-012

Assessment and Characterization of Old-Growth Stands in the Nelson Forest Region - Final Report for E.P. 1175.01 H.J. Quesnel

RNE TR-013

Armillaria Root Disease Management Guidelines for the Nelson Forest Region Don Norris

RNE TR-014

A Quantitative Evaluation of Natural Age Class Distributions and Stand Replacement Intervals in the Nelson Forest
Region - Volume 1
John Pollack, H.Quesnel,
C. Hauk, and
H. MacLean

RNE TR-015

Old Growth Characterization and Management in the Nelson Forest Region Harry Quesnel

RNE TR-016

Armillaria Studies in British Columbia, 1975 to 1995: Summary Gerry Davis and
M. Machmer

RNE TR-017

Forest Renewal BC Research Project KB97188-1RE1: Evaluating the Success of Natural Regeneration in Partially Cut Douglas-Fir Stands in Southeastern British Columbia: A Retrospective Investigation. K. Sacenieks and
C. F. Thompson

RNE TR-018

Nelson Forest Region, Forest Sciences Strategic Plan M. Curran, J. Pollack, B. Fraser, M. Geisler, and D. Gayton.

RNE TR-019



AAC Mitigation Project - Technical Reports



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Review of Past Partial-Cutting Activities in the Nelson Forest Region (1988-Present) Angela Hawe



Exploring Partial Harvesting Options in the Nelson Forest Region using PROGNOSIS Donald C.E. Robinson, Werner A. Kurz and
John C. Pollack



Effect of Silviculture Practices on Greenup Delay in the Nelson Forest Region Gerald Reichenback



Regeneration Delay Validation and Effect on Allowable Cut in the Nelson Forest Region Gerald Reichenback



Potential of Partial Cutting Silvicultural Systems to Affect Stand Productivity and Wood Flow Ivan Listar



Cranbrook TSA Problem Forest Types Targeted Inventory David M. Carson



Exploring Commercial Thinning Opportunities in Arrow and Cranbrook TSA Ivan Listar




Research Summaries / Extension Notes



Research Summary
RS-001 Growth of Juvenile Englemann Spruce on Skidroads (ESSFc  - Nelson Forest Region) 124 KB
RS-002 Crop-Tree Thinning of Western Larch in Southeast British Columbia: 30-year Results 137 KB
RS-003 The West Arm Demonstration Forest 162 KB
RS-004 Revised Ecological Field Guide Now Off the Presses 273 KB
RS-005 Recent Publications by Staff Researchers 190 KB
RS-006 Overview of the SYTEPREP Computer-Based System (SYstem To Evaluate PRescription Effects on potential Productivity) 171 KB
RS-007 The Effect of Plantation Density on the Growth and Yield of White Spruce: 32-Year Results 116 KB
RS-008 The Relationship of Site Index and the Ecological Classification for our Forest Region 146 KB
RS-009 A Quick Tour of the SYTEPREP Decision Aid 157 KB
RS-010 Picloram Residues on Rangeland: A Project Review 144 KB
RS-011 A Close Look at Wildlife Trees 336 KB
RS-012 Introduction to the Armillaria Steering Committee and the Research Working Group 257 KB
RS-013 Bat Research in the West Arm Demonstration Forest 153 KB
RS-014 Natural Regeneration Under Partially Cut Stands in the ICH Zone No PDF file
RS-015 Geographic Distribution of Armillaria Species No PDF file
RS-016 The Life Cycle and Dynamics of Armillaria ostoyae 344 KB
RS-017 Field Identification and Quantification of Armillaria ostoyae 377 KB
RS-018 The West Arm Demonstration Forest - Research Update 239 KB
RS-019 Recent Publications by Staff Researchers

210 KB

RS-020 Preliminary Height Expectations of Engelmann Spruce Plantations for Three Elevations in the Nelson Forest Region No PDF file
RS-021 Management options for Armillaria Root Disease

455 KB

RS-022 Effects of Armillaria Root Disease of Forest Ecosystems

177 KB

RS-023 Shelterwoods in Root Disease Infected Stands - Preliminary Results - EP1186

508 KB

RS-024 Preliminary Height Expectations for Lodgepole Pine Plantations in the Nelson Forest Region

189 KB

RS-025 Impacts of Spring and Summer Logging on Cavity-Nesting Vertebrates

174 KB

RS-026 CASE STUDY: Establishing Wildlife Tree Patches in an Operational Setting

289 KB

RS-027 Bats and Trees

280 KB

RS-028 Impact of Harvesting on Habitat Use by Foraging Bats

261 KB

RS-029 CASE STUDY: Patch Cutting in Old-Growth to Maintain Early Winter Caribou Habitat

267 KB

RS-030 Shelterwood Harvesting in Root Disease Infected Stands - EP1186 Preliminary Results - Ice Road Site

400 KB

RS-031 CASE STUDY: Helicopter Logging for Bark Beetle Control 332 KB
RS-032 CASE STUDY: Partial Cutting to Restore Old-Growth Forest Conditions in the East Kootenay Trench 500 KB
RS-033 Screening Trial for Herbicides Used for Repression Spacing in Lodgepole Pine

167 KB

RS-034 CASE STUDY: Cable Harvesting a Strip Clearcut on Steep Slopes in an Old-Growth Interior Cedar Hemlock Forest

298 KB

RS-035 Ecological Interrelationships of Three-Toed Woodpeckers with Bark Beetles and Pine Trees

359 KB

RS-036 CASE STUDY: Patch Cutting in Old Growth to Address Concerns About Wildlife Habitat and Clearcut Adjacency

304 KB

RS-037 CASE STUDY: Irregular Strip Shelterwood Cutting in a Viewscape

451 KB

RS-038 CASE STUDY: Harvesting Options in Highly Constrained IDF Stands in the Rocky Mountain Trench: Whitetail Brook, Invermere Enhanced Forest Management Pilot Project Area

251 KB

Research Summaries name changed to Extension Notes (starting at EN-039)
EN-039 CASE STUDY: Using Partial Cutting to Reduce Susceptibility of Mature Lodgepole Pine Stands to Mountain Pine Beetle Attack - Beetle Proofing

561 KB

EN-040 CASE STUDY: Commercial Thinning Older Forests in the Interior Cedar Hemlock Subzone

683 KB

EN-041 Partial Cutting Options in Hemlock-Dominated Stands in Southeastern British Columbia: The Selkirk College Woodlot Experience

No PDF file

EN-042 Retrospective Evaluation of Log Landing Rehabilitation on Coarser Textured Soils in Southeastern British Columbia

No PDF file

EN-043 Shelterwood Harvesting in Root Disease Infected Stands in Southeastern British Columbia: Post-Harvest Soil Disturbance - EP 1186

No PDF file

EN-044 West Arm Demonstration Forest, Strategic Plan: Summary

377 KB

EN-045 Effect of Calcareous Soil Deposits on Underlying Forest Floor pH in the Rocky Mountain Trench

No PDF file

EN-046 Tree Growth on Rehabilitated Skid Roads in Southeastern British Columbia

602 KB

EN-047 Establishing an Operational Trial of Soil Rehabilitation: Two Examples

293 KB

EN-048 Shelterwood Harvesting in Root Disease Infected Forests in Southeastern British Columbia: Post-Harvest Soil Compaction - EP 1186

409 KB

EN-049 Effects of Harvest Season and Root Rot Treatment on Sensitive Soils in the Rocky Mountains: Trial Establishment

133 KB

EN-050 How Light Conditions Affect Tree Seedling Performance in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock Subzone: Preliminary Results-EP 1191

446 KB

EN-051 Shelterwood Harvesting in Root Disease Infected Stands in Southeastern British Columbia: Three-Year Results-EP 1186

289 KB

EN-052 Using Hypholoma fasciculare Inoculation as a Means to Control Armillaria Root Disease on Calcareous Soils: Trial Establishment and Monitoring

352 KB

EN-053 Using Alternatives to Clearcutting in Viewscapes: Case Study in the Columbia Forest District in Southeastern British Columbia

815 KB

EN-054 CASE STUDY: Patch Cutting in Old-Growth Forests to Maintain Caribou Habitat, 1997-99 Research Results

542 KB

EN-055 More Accurate Biogeoclimatic Maps for the Arrow and Columbia Forest Districts in the Nelson Forest Region, British Columbia

108 KB

EN-056 Case Study: Using Partial-Cutting Timber-Harvesting Methods in a Sensitive Watershed in Southeastern British Columbia 353 KB


EN-057 Partial Cutting Prescriptions in Constrained Areas: Implementing the Guidelines 230 KB
EN-058 CASE STUDY: Application of a Selection Silvicultural System in the ICHwk1 of the Columbia Forest District 166 KB
EN-059 Using PrognosisBC to Analyze Partial-Cutting Options over a Rotation 4395 KB
EN-060 More Accurate Biogeoclimatic Maps Available for Cranbrook and Kootenay Lake Forest Districts 360 KB

Other Publications



PDF size

Refining definitions of old growth to aid in locating old-growth forest reserves. T. Braumandl and R. Holt


Regional Incidence of Landslides.  In: Working Paper 57. pp. 237-247. - part 6 of the PDF files. P. Jordan 1016KB
Sediment Budgets in the Nelson Forest Region. In: Working Paper 57. pp. 174-188. - part 5 of the PDF files. P. Jordan 1044KB
Design flood estimates in mountain streams - the need for a geomorphic approach In: Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. M. Jakob and P. Jordan 1018KB
Design Flood Estimates in Mountain Streams: The Need For a Geomorphic Approach 1999. In: Confronting Uncertainty: Managing Change in Water Resources and the Environment. Canadian Water Resources Association, B.C. Branch, Conference Proceedings, Oct. 27-29, Richmond, B.C., pp. 98-105.


M. Jakob and P. Jordan 517KB
Perry Ridge, an Example of a Risk Assessment for Forestry Planning. In Conference Proceedings: Confronting Uncertainty: Managing Change in Water Resources and the Environment - pp. 255-262.. D.F. VanDine, P. Jordan, and D. Boyer 629KB
Sediment yields and sediment budgets of community water supply watersheds in southeastern British Columbia. Paper presented at Canadian Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, May 9-13, 1999,
Banff, Alberta. This manuscript is a draft, submitted for the conference proceedings, June 15, 1999.
P. Jordan and E. Fanjoy 590KB
Sediment research in the West Arm Demonstration Forest, Nelson, British Columbia (in Mountains to Sea: Human Interaction with the Hydrologic Cycle - pp. 348-363.). P. Jordan and P. Commandeur 1188KB
Turbidity and Suspended Sediment Measurements Using OBS Meters, West Arm Demonstration Forest Sediment Budget Study In: Canada - British Columbia Water Quality Monitoring Agreement Proceedings the Second Automatic Water Quality Monitoring Workshop Richmond, British Columbia, February 12-13, 1996. P. Jordan 997KB
Climatic and Hydrologic Circumstances Antecedent to Mass Wasting events in Southeastern British Columbia D. Toews 1234KB
Water Quality Monitoring Associated With Community Pasture Development in Southeastern British Columbia. In: Riparian and Watershed Management in the Interior Northwest: An Interdisplinary Perspective: Proceedings of a symposium held at Eastern Oregon State University La Grande, Oregon September 10-12, 1998. pp 40-52 D. Gluns and G. Berg 586KB


Snowline Pattern During the Melt Season: Evaluation of the H60 Concept In: Working Paper 57. pp 68-80. part 2 of the PDF files. D. R. Gluns 857KB
Using Sediment Budgets  to test the Watershed Assessment Procedure in Southeastern British Columbia In: Working Paper 57. pp 189-208. part 5 of the PDF files. G. Henderson and D. Toews 1044KB


Comparison of Harvesting Phases in a Case Study of Partial-cutting Systems in Southwestern British Columbia FERIC Special Report No. SR-85. (April 1993). I. Hedin and D. DeLong No PDF file
Old and New Silviculture in the Cedar-Hemlock Forests of British Columbia's Southern Interior. In: Interior Cedar-Hemlock-White Pine Forests: Ecology and Management. Symposium Proceedings. March 2-4, 1993. The Ridpath Hotel, Spokane, Washington, USA. pp 277-283. A. Vyse and D. Delong No PDF file
Return-Trail Skidding: Pilot Study. Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada, Technical Note TN-218. G. Kockx and
D. DeLong
No PDF file
Harvesting Small Patch Clearcuts in Southeastern British Columbia. Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada, Technical Report SR-102. G. Kockx, D. Moshenko and I. Hedin No PDF file
A Retrospective Investigation of Advanced Western Redcedar Regeneration in the ICHwk1, ICHmw2 and ICHmw1 of the Nelson Forest Region - Experimental Project 1174 D. DeLong 519KB
Partial Cutting and Controlled Fire to Restore Old-growth Forest Conditions in the East Kootenay Trench In: Working Paper 34. pp. 29-36. 2nd PDF file. A. Hawe and D. DeLong 985KB
Partial cutting in root disease infected stands in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock biogeoclimatic zone. In: Proceedings from science to management and back: a science forum for southern interior ecosystems of British Columbia. Kamloops, BC. pp 105-112. D. DeLong 172KB
An Expert System to support Site Preparation Decisions related to Reforestation M. Johnston, Y. Wand and M. Curran No PDF file
Skid Road Rehabilitation Techniques for Restoring Productivity in the B.C. Interior. In: Reclamation in the Rockies, Twenty-First Annual British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium and Twenty-Second Annual Canadian Land Reclamation Association Meeting, Cranbrook, September 22-25, 1997.pp. 143-152. M. Curran and P. Dykstra 788KB
Harvest Systems and Strategies to Reduce Soil and Regeneration Impacts (and Costs). Paper presented at FERIC Conference: Forest Equipment / Soils Interaction Workshop, Feb. 26, 1991, at Alberta Research Council, Edmonton, Alberta. M. Curran No PDF file
Forestry as an end use for reclaimed mines: some considerations. In: Mine decommissioning, Proceedings of the twenty-third annual British Columbia mine reclamation symposium, Kamloops, September 20-23, 1999. pp.84-95. M. Curran and C. Bulmer 667KB
Forest Productivity and Soil Conditions on Rehabilitated Landings: Interior British Columbia M. Plotnikoff, M. Schmidt, C. Bulmer and M. Curran. 89KB
Tree growth on rehabilitated skid roads in southeast British Columbia In: Forest Ecology and Management, 133 pp. 145-156. P. Dykstra and M. Curran 328KB
Shelterwood harvesting in root-disease infected stands - post-harvest soil disturbance and compaction In: Forest Ecology and Management, 133 pp. 89-113. H. Quesnel and M. Curran 500KB
Calcareous Soils. Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forestry Centre, Technology Transfer Note 15. B. Kishchuk, D. Maynard and M. Curran 121KB
Strategic Plan for Forest and Range Soils Research and Extension in British Columbia M. Curran et al 1139KB
Calcareous soils, their properties and potential limitations to conifer growth in southeastern British Columbia and western Alberta: a literature review B. Kishchuk 1166KB
Update on Soil Rehabilitation Research in the Southern Interior In Proceedings, From science to management and back: a science forum for southern Interior ecosystems of British Columbia. Southern Interior Forest Extension and Research Partnership, Kamloops, B.C., pp. 29-32. C. Bulmer et al. 60KB
Silviculture Prescription Data Collection Field Handbook Interpretive Guide for Data Collection, Site Stratification, and Sensitivity Evaluation for Silviculture Prescriptions. Land Management Handbook 47 M. Curran, I. Davis, and B. Mitchell 6075KB

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