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Results and data from an ecological study of Garry oak (Quercus garryana) ecosystems in Southwestern British Columbia

Author(s) or contact(s): W.R. Erickson
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Ecology
Series: Technical Report
Other details:  Published 2008. Hardcopy is available.


This report and CD consist of excerpts from my MSc thesis from 1996, covering the context for the study, results and survey data. In the thesis, I sampled the plant communities associated with Garry oak (Quercus garryana) in British Columbia to develop a classification for use in resource management. An overview is included here of a total of 43 plant communities. Descriptions have also been placed on the Web (Erickson 1998) and, with some modification, are presented in a field guide (Erickson and Meidinger 2007).

A study of Garry oak ecosystems was compelling, given that they had been designated as critically imperiled in British Columbia. I used quantitative methods as well as subjective assessments to assemble a numerically adequate database, apply a landscape approach, and include wide geographic coverage. Although European phytosociology influenced some facets of my study, my classification is much more strongly related to other plant community research in the Pacific Northwest.

I therefore placed the classification in a scientific context through objective comparisons with the level of differentiation from other studies throughout the Pacific Northwest. The 43 plant communities identified and described in the thesis are placed in a setting of scientific work through subjective comparisons with the literature on similar plant communities.

Ecosystem relations of the plant communities are depicted from the collected field data, and supplemented with objective results at a broad level. Ecological hypotheses are suggested, along with management interpretations for each of the plant communities. In my thesis, preservation and active management are emphasized in a management strategy for Garry oak habitat as a whole.

Download Technical Report 043 PDF file (1941 KB)

Appendix CD - table of contents and other information below (62 KB)

Plot forms and categories (426 KB)

Garry oak areas surveyed and plots in each area (12 KB)

Classification of 1992 Garry oak plots in B.C. (7 KB)

List of plant collections and taxonomic equivalents (103 KB)

Benchmark comparisons with the adjusted Motyka coefficient (23 KB)

Comparisons of plant communities from other sources (21 KB)

Full Bibliography (127 KB)

Survey Data Translation Table (61 KB)

Oak - Symphoricarpos albus - Rosa nutkana Lonicera ciliosa subcommunity (thickets) (52 KB)

Oak - Symphoricarpos albus - Rosa nutkana - Oemleria cerasiformis subcommunity (thickets) (53 KB)

Oak - (Fd) - Holodiscus discolor - Symphoricarpos albus-Rhytidiadephus triquetris (47 KB)

Oak - Dicranum scoparium - Montia parvifolia subcommunity (52 KB)

Oak - Melica subulata (59 KB)

Oak - Carex inops. (47 KB)

Oak - Holodiscus discolor - Symphoricarpos albus - Polypodium glycyrrhiza (49 KB)

Oak - Lonicera hispidula (colluvial) (53 KB)

Oak - Festuca idahoensis: typic subcommunity (55 KB)

Oak - Festuca idahoensis - Cerastium arvense subcommunity (50 KB)

Oak - Mahonia aquifolium (45 KB)

Oak - Festuca idahoensis - Trifolium microcephalum subcommunity (45 KB)

Oak - Camassia quamash - Erythronium oregonum subcommunity (49 KB)

Oak - Camassia quamash - Dodecatheon hendersonii subcommunity (46 KB)

Oak - Camassia leichtlinii (101 KB)

Oak - Camassia quamash: typic subcommunity (55 KB)

Oak - Camassia quamash - Ranunculus occidentalis subcommunity (50 KB)

Oak - Lathyrus nevadensis (45 KB)

Krummholz Oak - Festuca idahoensis - Vicia Americana subcommunity (51 KB)

Oak - Bromus carinatus (50 KB)

Oak - Dicranum scoparium - Sedum spathulifolium subcommunity (46 KB)

Oak - (Fd) - Rhacomitrium canescens - Selaginella wallacei subcommunity (46 KB)

Oak - Elymus glaucus (61 KB)

Oak - Montia perfoliata (55 KB)

Oak - Dicranum scoparium - Plectritis congesta subcommunity (42 KB)

Oak - Dicranum scoparium: typic subcommunity (52 KB)

Oak - Broom - Rhacomitrium canescens - Festuca bromoides - Aira subcommunity (53 KB)

Oak - Broom - Poa pratensis (46 KB)

Oak - Broom - Dactylis glomerata (46 KB)

Oak - Broom - Elymus glaucus (47 KB)

Oak - Broom - Rhacomitrium canescens: typic subcommunity (45 KB)

Oak - Broom - Cynosurus echinatus (late-season) (49 KB)

Oak - Broom - Rhacomitrium canescens - Bromus tectorum subcommunity (48 KB)

Oak - Bromus sterilis (52 KB)

Oak - Dactylis glomerata typic subcommunity (69 KB)

Oak - Dactylis glomerata - Bromus carinatus subcommunity (50 KB)

Oak - Poa pratensis - Vicia sativa (61 KB)

Oak - Dactylis glomerata - Arrhenatherum elatius subcommunity (46 KB)

Oak - Anthoxanthum odoratum (48 KB)

Oak - Broom - Anthoxanthum odoratum (45 KB)

Oak - Dactylis glomerata - Agrostis stolonifera subcommunity (47 KB)

Oak - Rhacomitrium canescens - Festuca bromoides subcommunity (42 KB)

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