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Development of a Research Strategy for Mountain Pine Beetle Issues Associated with Forest Stewardship Division Functions

Author(s) or contact(s): G.D. Nigh, L.E. de Montigny, M.A. Eng, and R. Archer
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Beetles
Series: Technical Report
Other details:  Published 2006. Hardcopy is available.


The current mountain pine beetle (MPB; Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins) epidemic is the largest known outbreak in British Columbia’s history. This outbreak has resulted in serious implications for ecosystems, communities, and local economies, and many issues have arisen that require research for an adequate resolution. The Chief Forester of British Columbia therefore requested the initiation of a research strategy as a step in resolving these important issues.

The development process for the Mountain Pine Beetle Stewardship Research Strategy involved four steps: analyzing the forest stewardship needs, analyzing the research knowledge gaps, prioritizing the knowledge gaps, and writing the MPB stewardship research strategy. The needs analysis involved the identification of stewardship issues by both client groups and researchers; researchers also identified research projects that are planned, under way, or completed. During the gap analysis phase, this information was used to determine the gaps in our knowledge. Gap priorities were set by ranking each knowledge gap on a scale of 0-5 for urgency and importance. These ranks were then converted into a priority of low, medium, or high. Writing the strategy required consolidating the information into a concise and coherent document. In addition to identifying and prioritizing knowledge gaps, the strategy also recommends the formation of the Research Issues Co-ordinating Committee to oversee the implementation of the strategy.

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Updated May 11, 2007