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Long-term Risks to Marbled Murrelet (Brachyramphus marmoratus) Populations: Assessing Alternative Forest Management Policies in Coastal British Columbia

Author(s) or contact(s): J.D. Steventon, G.D. Sutherland, and P. Arcese
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Wildlife
Series: Technical Report
Other details:  Published 2003. Hardcopy is available.


An analysis of conservation risk associated with nesting habitat management strategies for the Marbled Murrelet (MAMU) in British Columbia was conducted. The goal was to provide decision support to the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, and the Canadian Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team (CMMRT) in evaluating regional and coast-wide conservation strategies. This risk assessment is Part C of a three-part Conservation Assessment that was initiated by the Canadian Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team. Part A provided a review of biology and Part B provided recommendations for conservation and management. This assessment follows an earlier report that reviewed alternative approaches to conducting ecological risk assessments, using Marbled Murrelet as an example.

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