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Stand-tending and Rehabilitation Treatment Options for 36-year-old, Height-repressed Lodgepole Pine

Author(s) or contact(s): T.A. Newsome and J. Perry
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Site Preparation
Series: Technical Report
Other details:  Published 2003. Hardcopy is available.


This trial is testing stand-tending and rehabilitation (replacement) treatments in a 36-year-old, height-repressed lodgepole pine stand to determine what regime might provide the most cost-effective means of increasing timber productivity. Key among the preliminary (3rd-year) findings for the stand-tending treatments is that fertilization, even in very dense unthinned stands, increased the average annual height growth significantly. Thinning alone produced a diameter-growth response but no height-growth response, and a combination of thinning and fertilization resulted in the largest height- and diameter-growth responses. Although longer-term performance results for the rehabilitation treatments are still to come, the trial findings to date show the potential for growth revitalization using stand-tending treatments in the large areas of height-repressed, wildfire-origin lodgepole pine in British Columbia’s Interior.

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Updated May 17, 2007