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Terrain Stability and Forest Management in the Interior of British Columbia: Workshop Proceedings: May 23-25, 2001 Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Editor(s): P. Jordan and J. Orban
Source: Forest Science Program
Subject: Erosion, Mass Wasting and Landslides
Series: Technical Report
Other details:  Published 2002. Hardcopy is available.


The "Terrain Stability and Forest Management in the Interior of British Columbia" workshop, held in Nelson on May 23-25, 2001, was the first conference on landslides, terrain stability, and related forest management issues to be held in the British Columbia Interior. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together research scientists, engineers, and foresters who have been dealing with this subject since the introduction of the Forest Practices Code
in 1995. An important objective was to present the results of several research projects on landslides and terrain stability, which were nearing completion
under the 5-year period of Forest Renewal British Columbia research funding that began in 1996.

The Forestry Continuing Studies Network and the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Nelson Forest Region organized the workshop. The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia, Division of Engineers and Geoscientists in the Forest Sector (DEGIFS), and the Arrow Innovative Forest Practices Agreement (IFPA) sponsored the event. Twenty-three oral presentations and 14 posters were presented at the workshop, covering a range of landslide research, geotechnical engineering, and applied forestry topics.

On two field trips, participants visited sites of interest in the West Kootenays. Approximately 200 people attended the workshop.

These proceedings include 16 of the papers presented at the workshop. These papers have been peer-reviewed and revised over the 12 months since
the workshop. The digital version of the proceedings, to be distributed on compact disc and on the Internet, also features appendices containing other
products of the workshop, including abstracts, notes and graphics attached to the abstracts, slide presentations, and field trip guides. Appendix 2 has not
been reviewed or edited.

Note regarding British Columbia government ministries and the Forest Practices Code: As these proceedings go to press, the British Columbia government
has announced major changes to the Forest Practices Code and to government ministries, forest regions, and districts. Some papers in these proceedings refer to government ministries and their geographic entities, and to regulations or guidebooks of the Forest Practices Code. All such references are current as of the date of the workshop, May 2001.

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Front Matter - Cover to page x (download in parts) (350 KB)

Donna Creek Washout-Flow - What Did We Learn? - James W. Schwab - Page 1 to Page 13 (882 KB)

The Bourke Slide and Lessons for the Watershed Assessment Procedure - L. Kalmakoff, B. Guy, and D. Nicol - Page 14 to Page 21 (565 KB)

Terrain Stability Problems and Four Main Types of Landslide-Prone Materials in the Prince George Forest Region, British Columbia - Zhongyou Lu, Marc St. Arnaud, and Terry Rollerson - Page 22 to Page 42 (1940 KB)

Landslide Risk Analysis of Historic Forest Development in the Interior of British Columbia - Challenges Encountered at Fall Creek - Freeman R. Smith and Calvin D. Vanbuskirk - Page 43 to Page 50 (144 KB)

Terrain Stability Field Assessments in "Gentle-over-Steep" Terrain of the Southern Interior of British Columbia - Bill Grainger - Page 51 to Page 69 (594 KB)

Landslide Frequencies and Logging on Vancouver Island: An Analog Showing Varied yet Significant Changes - R.H. Guthrie - Page 70 to Page 79 (1220 KB)

Landslide Frequencies and Terrain Attributes in Arrow and Kootenay Lake Forest Districts - Peter Jordan - Page 80 to Page 102 (1078 KB)

Sediment Coring at Swansea Point Fan Delta, Mara Lake, British Columbia - Application of a Coring Method to Determine Historical Debris Flow Events - Ted Fuller - Page 103 to Page 110 (1519 KB)

The Yalakom - A Valley, a River, and a Road: Doing Our Best to Maintain Access in High Consequence Terrain - Greg Reid, Russel Merz, and Bruce Hupman - Page 111 to Page 120 (842 KB)

Drainage Plans: A Comprehensive Planning Tool in High-Risk Terrain - K. Green and W. Halleran - Page 121 to Page 130 (648 KB)

Risk: A Tool for Communication between Foresters and Railroaders - B.J. Nachtigal, M.J. Porter, and T.R. Keegan - Page 131 to Page 143 (783 KB)

Risk Assessment Procedure for Proposed Resource Development Activities above Alluvial and Debris Torrent Fans - Dwain Boyer - Page 144 to Page 155 (1949 KB)

Recommended Procedure for Conducting Studies in Support of Land Development Proposals on Alluvial and Debris Torrent Fans - Dwain Boyer - Page 156 to Page 168 (902 KB)

Landslides in Cretaceous Interbedded Sandstone, Mudstone, and Shale in the Fort St. John Forest District, British Columbia - Zhongyou Lu and Marc St. Arnaud - Page 169 to Page 177 (731 KB)

Displacement Behaviour of the Checkerboard Creek Rock Slope - homas W.G. Stewart and Dennis P. Moore Displacement Behaviour of the Checkerboard Creek Rock Slope - Thomas W.G. Stewart and Dennis P. Moore - Page 178 to Page 190 (652 KB)

Forestry on Fans: Identifying Hydrogeomorphic Hazards - David Wilford, Matt Sakals, and John Innes - Page 191 to Page 206 (423 KB)

APPENDIX 1. Abstracts for additional presentations and posters - Page 207 to Page 219 (126 KB)

APPENDIX 2. Extended abstracts, posters, slide presentations, draft papers, and field trip guides - Appendix 2. Front Matter Page 220 (79 KB)

APPENDIX 2. Mapping and Hazard Assessment of Large Deep-Seated Landslides in Forested Landscapes - Terry Rollerson, June Ryder, John Coyle and Zhongyou Lu - First Paper (14 KB)

APPENDIX 2. Flowslides and drowned, buried forests at Halden Creek, northeastern British Columbia - Marten Geertsema and John Clague - Second Paper (1131 KB)

APPENDIX 2. How "Risky" are Old Roads? - Mike Murrell - Third Paper (388 KB)

APPENDIX 2. Landslide Susceptibility from Watershed and Fan Characteristics, Salmon Arm and Vernon Forest Districts - Axel Eichel and Ted Fuller - Fourth Paper (218 KB)

APPENDIX 2. An Application of Risk Analyses in the Forest Sector Using Judgmental Probability and Decision (fault) Tree Analysis - Doug Nicol - Fifth Paper (4301 KB)

APPENDIX 2. Mass Wasting Events Associated With a Large Magnitude Rain-On-Snow Event, November 1999, Columbia and Rocky Mountains, Southeastern B.C. - Joe Alcock - Sixth Paper (1098 KB)

APPENDIX 2. Causes of Gentle-over-Steep Landslides in Arrow and Kootenay Lake Forest Districts - Peter Jordan and Doug Nicol - Seventh Paper (2481 KB)

APPENDIX 2. Coffee Creek Landslides and Flood Event of November 1999 - Nichole Boultbee, Doug Nicol, Peter Jordan, and Dwain Boyer - Eighth Paper (878 KB)

APPENDIX 2. Recent Large Magnitude Landslides, Prince Rupert Forest Region - James W. Schwab - Ninth Paper (1538 KB)

APPENDIX 2. Field Trip "A", Slocan Lake - Kootenay Lake - Peter Jordan with contributions from Carol Wallace and Marc Deschenes - Tenth Paper (4819 KB)

APPENDIX 2 Field Trip "B" - May 23rd - Dwain Boyer, Doug Nicol, and Nichole Boultbee - Eleventh and Final Paper (4621 KB)

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