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Silvics and silviculture of coastal western redcedar: a literature review

Author(s) or contact(s): K. Klinka and D. Brisco
Source: Forest Science Program
Subject: Ecology
Series: Special Report Series
Other details:  Published 2009. Hardcopy is available.


The intent of this report is to present the most current and available information concerning establishment and growth of redcedar in the coastal region of British Columbia. The report represents a synthesis of selected information from several major sources, such as Minore (1983, 1990), Smith, N.J. (1988), Wiggins (1999), and Klinka et al. (2000), and from several recent research studies carried out at the Forest Sciences Department, University of British Columbia. The report is not a comprehensive review because we have focused on the information pertinent to regeneration and growth of redcedar, and have limited the information related to other topics. We have aimed to present the available knowledge in a manner comprehensible to those determined to restore redcedar to the role it deserves in the coastal forests of British Columbia. We hope that those users will find this report a practical and useful tool, facilitating their promotion of redcedar as a key component of our future forests.

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Updated March 31, 2009