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The Vascular Plants of British Columbia: Part 3: Dicotyledons (Primulaceae through Zygophyllaceae) and Pteridophytes

Editor(s): G.W. Douglas, G.B. Straley, and D.V. Meidinger
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Botany
Series: Special Report Series
Other details:  Published 1991. Hardcopy is available.


This manual describes all of the flowering plants and vascular cryptogams, both native and naturalized, occurring within the borders of British Columbia. Keys are included for all genera, species, subspecies and varieties. The study is based on examination of specimens in all major Canadian herbaria and some US herbaria (e.g., UC, CAS, WTU), as well as a complete review of the pertinent literature.

Species not represented by a herbarium collection have been placed in an excluded list (see Appendix). Many of these were incorrectly assumed, by American authors, to range into Canada. These species were often taken up by Taylor and MacBryde (1977). We have also excluded species that are known from only a few collections taken more than 40 years ago.

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