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Looking beyond the trees visual stewardship of the working forest visual resource management conference compendium Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada April 17 to 19, 2001

Author(s) or contact(s): J. Marc and D. Hill
Source: Forest Practices Branch
Subject: Visual Resource Management
Series: Recreation
Other details:  Published 2001. Hardcopy is available.


Visual Resource Management is about managing perceptions by making human made intrusions look as natural as possible, while meeting other forest management objectives. Many jurisdictions around the world manage for aesthetics and have developed procedures, policies and technologies for managing this resource. Looking Beyond the Trees: Visual Stewardship of the Working Forest held at Kamloops, British Columbia April 18 & 19 2001, brought together leading experts and researchers, from around North America and the United Kingdom.

Through a mixture of plenary and break out sessions, speakers proposed technological solutions, answered operational issues and shared research findings on seven subject areas:

- Public Perceptions
- Visualization Technology
- Silvicultural Systems
- Stewardship/Certification
- Visual Design
- Economics
- Policy Influences

In all 27 different papers were presented. These are printed in their entirety or in a shortened form in this compendium.

1) Bordin, M. - Forest Stewardship and Visual Quality: The Adams Lake Experience
2) Cownover, B. - Visual Resource Management in the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service: Philosophy, Technology, and Training for the Future
3) Dakin, S. - "More then meets the eye": Understanding sense of place for landscape management
4) Haider, W. - Calibrated Images Visualizing Forest Landscapes for Public Choice Surveys
5) Harley, B. - Visual Design Considerations in Ski Resort Planning
6) Marc, J. - Managing Visual Resources through Partial Cutting
7) McGaughey, R.J. - Data-driven Visualization of Forest Management Alternatives using EnVision
8) McQuillan, A.G. - Visual resource Management: Thinking About the Future, and Thinking About Edges
9) Mierau, G. - The Use of Silvicultural Systems to Meet Visual Quality Objectives
10) Orland, B. - Virtual Decisions – about Real Environments: The case for multi-modal information support for decision-makers
11) Pâquet, J. - Public Preferences of Forest Management Practices in Québec
12) Pedersen, L. - Visual Resource Management in British Columbia Past, Present & Future
13) Rennie, P. - Using Integrated Visual Design to Resolve Resource Management Conflicts
14) Sheppard, S. - Forest Certification and Aesthetics: Proposed Criteria and Indicators for Visible Stewardship
15) Zak, B. - "Making the Working Forest Work in the Bigger Picture" "Looking at the Trees and Beyond"
16) Buongiorno, J. - Assessing the Non-Timber Value of Forests: A Revealed Preference, Hedonic Model
17) Fairhurst, K.B. - Visual Resource Management Practitioners’ Training and Skill Set Requirements
18) Kimmins, J.P. - Biodiversity, Beauty and the ""Beast": Are beautiful forests sustainable, are sustainable forests beautiful, and is "small" always ecologically desirable?"
19) Litton, R.B. - Using Landscape Architecture and Silviculture Techniques in the Roadside Landscape
20) Lucus, O. - Aesthetics Considerations in British Forestry
21) Mahon Jones, M. - Can Logging and Tourism live together in the Woods?
22) McCool, S.F. - From the Scenic to the Ecologic: Continuing Scenic Issues in Managing for Forest Aesthetics in Messy Situations
23) Meitner, M. - Visualization as a Decision Support Tool
24) Ribe, R.G. - New Forestry Versus Old: A Political Taxonomy of Public Perceptions
25) Slider, T.C. - Landscape Aesthetics, "Not a Clear Cut Situation"
26) Tindall, D.B. - Variation in Public Values and Visual Quality Preferences
27) Ulrich, R.S. - Health and Economic Benefits of Forested Scenes

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