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A first look at visually effective green-up in British Columbia: a public perception study

Author(s) or contact(s): BC Ministry of Forests
Source: Forest Practices Branch
Subject: Visual Resource Management
Series: Recreation
Other details:  Published 1994. Hardcopy is available.


British Columbia's world renowned landscapes are a source of everyday enjoyment for residents, as well as a foundation for our tourism industry.

Accordingly, the B.C. Forest Service is developing visual landscape management guidelines and practices to address rising public concern over the visual and aesthetic impacts of forest practices and other developments on B.C.'s scenic landscapes.

The Forest Service undertook this study to gain a better understanding of public perceptions regarding green-up after logging. The results will assist recreation and resource managers in developing visual landscape management guidelines for public forest lands.

This report documents and interprets the results of two studies conducted across British Columbia, where audiences were shown photographs of a wide range of summer and winter green-up conditions.

The Summary highlights the key study findings.

Section 1 introduces the study and presents the objectives.
Section 2 describes the methodology.
Section 3 presents the results, including sample photographs, and a statistical analysis of the results.
Section 4 presents the conclusions.

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