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New concepts in ecosystem management: video series

Editor(s): G. Shuley and P. Daigle
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Ecosystems
Series: Miscellaneous Report
Other details:  Published 1998. Hardcopy is available.


In June 1995, a workshop featuring ecosystem management was held at Lake Cowichan, British Columbia. The workshop was designed to update American and Canadian forest managers in the latest methods and concepts in landscape- and stand-scale ecology, as well as social and political aspects related to an ecosystem-based approach to management.

This manual contains presentation hints, a content overview, and discussion questions. Also included are viewer's guides for each video.; each viewer's guide includes a thumbnail description of each video, a note taking guide, and references.

This is a manual for presenting each of the five VHS videos. The videos are selected topics from the five-day workshop; each video is approximately 30 minutes in length. Additional topics may be available in the future. The five videos are:
1) Overview of Landscape Processes, Wildlife and Fisheries Linkages, and Operational Applications (Dr. Jerry Franklin, Dan Hogan, and Dr. Walt Klenner);
2) Biodiversity Planning and Forest Management at the Landscape Scale (Nancy Diaz);
3) Soil Ecosystems: Invertebrates (Dr. Andrew Moldenke);
4) Soil Ecosystems: Fungi (Dr. Shannon Berch); and
5) Ecosystem Management: An Aboriginal View (Garry Merkel).

The workshop and videos were co-sponsored by:

- United States Forest Service (Olympic and Blue Mountains Natural Resource Institute Learning Centers, and the Pacific Northwest Research Station);
- British Columbia Ministry of Forests;
- Washington State University ( Jefferson County Community Learning Center); and
- United States Bureau of Land Management.

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