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Forest science program style guide and authors manual

Author(s) or contact(s): G. Montgomery and P. Nystedt
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Forestry General
Series: Miscellaneous Report
Other details:  Published 2008, 2016 reprint. Hardcopy is available.


As soon as a book is published, someone finds an error-in this case, the editors and proofreaders who have used the 2008 version of the Style Guide to maintain a high level of consistency in English usage and grammar in the Forest Science Program's series of scientific and technical publications. The 2016 reprint makes a few corrections, adds a few more examples, and deletes a few archaic practices. No attempt was made, however, to update the names of organizations or titles of positions; this would require a more extensive rewrite, and soon the Style Guide would be outdated once again due to the ever evolving nature of many organizations. The content of the 2016 reprint will remain topical much longer if the reader substitutes current names of organizations, roles, and responsibilities, and uses the Style Guide for matters of process and style.

Thanks are extended to the editors and proofreaders who identified concerns, participated in discussions, and provided reviews and comments to help correct and clarify the Style Guide 2016 reprint.

PART 1 describes the seven main steps in the Forest Science Program publication process, from selecting the appropriate publication vehicle, through writing and review, to design, production, printing, and distribution.

PART 2 presents, in alphabetical order by topic, all matters of style pertaining to Forest Science Program publications. It also includes information on how to cite online materials and sources.

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Updated June 07, 2016