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Effects of intensive forest management on breeding birds of Vancouver Island: problem analysis

Author(s) or contact(s): K.L. Sadoway
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Wildlife
Series: Integrated Wildlife Intensive Forestry Research
Other details:  Published 1988. Hardcopy is available.


This analysis discusses only species breeding on Vancouver Island. This group of species was selected for several reasons: (1) a large proportion of species occurring on Vancouver Island are breeding species; (2) many are also resident species; (3) their occurrence is directly affected by their reproductive success; and (4) the effects of intensive forest management and concerns for these species will probably be similar for species occurring in other seasons. The assumption is that species occurrence is predetermined by the availability of their breeding habitat, and conversely that any alteration to or elimination of their habitat will ultimately affect their occurrence.

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Updated November 26, 2008