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Biogeoclimatic Zones of British Columbia

Author(s) or contact(s): Ministry of Forests and Range
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Ecosystems
Series: Map
Other details:  Published 2008. Hardcopy is available.


The Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification (BEC) is a land classification system that groups together ecosystems with similar climate, soils and vegetation. This classification was developed in British Columbia and is widely used as a framework for resource management as well as for scientific research. This map depicts the fourteen Biogeoclimatic Zones found in British Columbia at a scale of 1:2 000 000 (100 cm by 78.5 cm). The map also depicts base information about topography, rivers, roads and settlements. The information surrounding the map contains photographs and descriptions of the Biogeoclimatic Zones and inset maps showing climatic information, land cover information and the ecoregions of BC.

This map is a beautiful piece of cartography that contains a wealth of information about the ecosystems of British Columbia.

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Updated September 26, 2008