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Forest Management on Fans: Hydrogeomorphic Hazards and General Prescriptions

Author(s) or contact(s): D.J. Wilford, M.E. Sakals, and J.L. Innes
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Erosion, Mass Wasting and Landslides
Series: Land Management Handbook
Other details:  Published 2005. Hardcopy is available.


Forested alluvial and colluvial fans can be runout zones for debris flows and debris floods, and are subject to floods. Forest management activities on areas of fans with this hydrogeomorphic activity can exacerbate the effects of these events and lead to substantial damage to infrastructure such as roads and bridges, productive forest sites, and fish habitat. This handbook presents a six-step hazard recognition scheme that enables forest practitioners to prepare appropriate strategies and prescriptions. The six steps are: fan identification in an operating area, pretyping watersheds, aerial photograph interpretation, fieldwork, prescription development, and monitoring. The scheme is applicable to forested fans throughout British Columbia.

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Updated April 26, 2007