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Yellow-cedar Stecklings: Nursery Production and Field Performance

Author(s) or contact(s): J.H. Russell, S.C. Grossnickle, D.C. Ferguson, and D.W. Carson
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Seedling Production
Series: FRDA Report
Other details:  Published 1990. Hardcopy is available.


Stecklings, or plantable rooted cuttings, are the primary propagule type used for artificial regeneration of yellow cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis (D. Don) Spach.) in British Columbia. An increase in logging of this species resulted in a greater demand for planting stock which, due to infrequent cone crops, and seed which usually has poor germination success, cannot be met by seedling production. From 1975 to 1986, over 50% of all yellow-cedar stock planted in British Columbia were stecklings. This report synthesizes 15 years worth of research results and operational experiences concerning nursery production and field performance of yellow-cedar stecklings.

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