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Field handbook for prescribed fire assessments in British Columbia: logging slash fuels

Author(s) or contact(s): R.L. Trowbridge, B.C. Hawkes, A.M. Macadam, and J.V. Parminter
Source: Research Branch
Subject: Fire Management
Series: FRDA Handbook
Other details:  Published 1987. Hardcopy is available.


This handbook presents methods for prescribed fire assessments in logging slash fuels. It describes the procedures required for making pre-burn assessments, observations during the fire and post-burn assessments. All procedures are oriented towards documenting and evaluating broadcast prescribed fire.

This handbook was designed to document the prescribed fire treatment and to assess the success or failure of specific fire prescriptions. The assessments are plot based. Sites must be stratified according to topography and ecosystem distribution, and fuel type and loading. A minimum of two plots per stratum are required for an assessment. One or more assessments may be done on any treatment site.

Read through the handbook carefully and refer to the text when completing the forms. Once experienced, two people can complete the pre-burn assessment in one day. The post-burn assessment will usually be completed by two people in less than half a day. Office time is required to complete some sections of the forms and this will vary in length, depending on such factors as the ease of locating the information and the type of weather instrumentation.

Note that the biogeoclimatic units given in Appendix 5 have been renamed since this handbook was published. Be sure to follow the current nomenclature.

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