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Years-to-breast-height model for Engelmann spruce in the Engelmann Spruce - Subalpine Fir biogeoclimatic zone

Author(s) or contact(s): G.D. Nigh
Source: Forests, Lands, and NR Operations
Subject: Growth and Yield, Site Index
Series: Extension Note
Other details:  Published 2015. Hardcopy is available.


A years-to-breast-height model for Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmannii) has been lacking; the years-to-breast height model for natural stand white spruce (P. glauca) has been used to fill this void. Recently, stem analysis data for Engelmann spruce were collected to develop site index models. These data were used in this project to develop a years-to-breast-height model specifically for Engelmann spruce. A linear function with the inverse of site index as the independent variable was deemed to be the best fitting years-to-breast-height model. This model is similar to the previously used model.

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Updated September 02, 2015